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Mayawati Interview /India Today, August 18, 2008

'No force can stop me from
becoming PM'
After her surprise anointment as the UNPA's prime ministerial candidate, BSP supremo Mayawati's confidence levels have reached a new high. She told (watch video) me that she is destined to become the country's prime minister. Excerpts:
Q. Finally a Dalit's daughter's name has been finalised for prime minister. How did this happen?
A. Apart from being a Dalit's daughter, I am also the daughter of India. Don't forget that India's highest populated state has given me four chances to be CM. I have worked not just for the Dalits but for all sections of the society. I am born in India so I am not just Dalit ki beti but also Hindustan ki beti.
Q. You said there was a conspiracy against a Dalit's daughter becoming PM.
A. Everyone saw it. And they (my political rivals) have seen what a good government I have given in UP, so they are scared that if the BSP forms a government at the Centre and Mayawati becomes PM, they will have to wait for a long time to come back to power at the Centre.
That is why they thought it is better we don't let her come to power at all. Moreover, the BJP and the Congress I think are alike—whether at the Centre or at the state, their governments have economic policies that make rich industrialists richer and the poor poorer. So they know that once they are removed from power, all their rich industrialist friends will suffer while the poor, the farmers and small industrialists will benefit, and they don't want that.
Q. So they won't let you become the PM?
A. This kind of question was raised even when the BSP was improving in UP and there was a chance that I could become chief minister. But I did become UP chief minister, and I think a day will come when the wishes of the oppressed, the poor, the downtrodden and beloved Dr Ambedkar will come true. One day, this section will get political power. If I can become UP chief minister, then I think a day will surely come when the dreams of our people will come true.
Q. Will the dream be realised through Mayawati?
A. Definitely, it will come true.
Q. So you think that your becoming PM is only a matter of time. Nothing can stop you now.

A. A movement has begun. When the time comes, no one can stop. No one could stop me from becoming the chief minister of UP.
Q. Will you be able to run the government? Can you rule India?
A. This question was also raised in UP before I became chief minister. But from Independence till today, if you compare all the sarkars to my government and ask the aam janta of UP, they will tell you that Mayawati is the best. So if I can give UP-which is India's largest state—the best sarkar, why can't I do the same at the Centre?
Q. Do you have an agenda for governance?
A. Of course I have.
Q. But until now you were limited to UP and you didn't even meet leaders of other parties.
A. I did meet other leaders, but I also had to run my party. I did both.
Q. If you do become the PM, what is your agenda for governance? What are your views on privatisation and economic reforms that Manmohan Singh started?
A. Our sarkar's economic agenda will benefit the country's poor and weaker sections. It will benefit all sections of the society.
Q. You are talking like Indira Gandhi, "Gareebi hatao, desh bachao".
A. My party is not against privatisation. Like we have done in UP, at the Centre too we will see that the country's Scheduled Castes have the benefits of reservations. When a government office is privatised, reservation rights should be protected as I have done in UP. Apart from the Scheduled Castes, we will take care of the minorities, Backward Classes and also the economically poor among the upper castes. I have written to the Centre about reservation in government jobs for the economically poor among upper castes.
Q. Should there be foreign investment in retail?
A. There are different castes and religions in India, lots of poor and jobless, so we will take all this into account.
Q. Should there be FDI in retail?A. The interests of the small shopkeepers must be protected.
Q. So you are not against FDI in retail?A. No I am not.
Q. What about the nuclear deal?
A. The Congress is claiming that because of this deal we will get cheap electricity. This is wrong. Whatever electricity we get will be much more expensive and it will take 10-15 years to get it. And the output will be only 8-10 per cent more than what we are getting. It will be so expensive that neither the poor nor the small industrialists will be able to use it.
Q. So will you cancel the nuclear deal?
A. When my government is formed, we will rethink this deal and examine if it's in the nation's interests or not. We are told that America has put conditions on India, like if they attack Iran, India will have to offer support. Such conditions are meant to make India a slave.
Q. Before opposing this deal, you must have read it.
A. We do not agree with this deal. We will rethink it.
Q. But the Left is totally opposed to America and they are supporting you.
A. Whenever we do a deal with any country, we must first take into account the country's interests. When my party comes to power at the Centre, we will take into account all sections of the society while making policies.
Q. Opposition parties claim that your politics is caste-based. Does this suit a prime minister?
A. The people who make such allegations are the ones who are indulging in caste politics. The BSP has finished jaativaad in this country and wants to bring together all sections of the society. The charge that the BSP is jaativaadi is false.


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Advocate R.P. Sarang, Etah (UP)

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For me the Bahujan Samaj Party was nothing but a socio-political Movement dedicated to its people for their political empowerment to do away with their abominable thralldom, inhuman injustice and perpetual wretchedness.
Perhaps it may not appear for many onlookers who have hardly done anything for the building of the so called Dalit Party that it was incredible Kanshi-Maya who had not only mortgaged the Bahujan Movement but sold it out to its enemies. How one could believe that the duo would take a sharp about turn when they used to ask the Caste Hindu elements to leave while addressing big rallies? One may remember that Kanshi Ram used to ask the Brahmins, thakurs and Baniyas to leave the place before delivering his speech. Same way the lady (Mayawati) used to say “CHAMARI HUN, KUWARI HUN-TUMHARI HUN in the beginning of her speech. Means, the lady used to claim herself a Chamari by Caste and a virgin also. She used to pledge herself for the people present over there. The workers who have ranted the air with the slogans like-
“Tilak, Taraju aur Talwar; Inko maro Jute Char”
were afraid of their fate. Clearly, it appeared a mischief of the duo who on several occasions had openly termed the Congress Party and the Bhartiya Janata party (BJP) a-
Saanp Naath and Naag Nath
(A snake & a Cobra). The slogans used to be chanted by the poor dalits, backward Caste People
Vote Hamara, Raj Tumhara Nahin Chalega-Nahin Chalega
(You can no more rule with our votes);
15 ka 85 par Shasan-Manjoor Nahin-Manjoor Nahin
(The rule of the 15% Caste Hindus over 85% Bahujan Samaj is not acceptable, is not acceptable) and the like…..

It was totally unbelievable that the man who had given flying colors to Ambedkar Mission could deviate from it. Having extended my helping hand for more than a decade with the solitary hope of Bahujan Samaj becoming the ruling Samaj we had put everything of ours at stake. While working rather arranging money for Kanshi Ram through BAMCEF, we were taught to keep distance with the reactionary forces led by Congress and BJP. For Bahujan Samaj Party, we used to convince our people- the ‘Party’ of the Bahujan Samaj, by the Bahujan Samaj and for the Bahujan Samaj. The so called party of the dalits i.e. Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) was the outcome of the principle of “Pay Back to society” and toiling efforts of Bahujan Samaj predominated by Chamars of north, Mahars of Vidarbha (Maharashtra), Adi-Dharmis of Punjab and Namshudra of Bengal. Honestly, it was not our intention to create another Political Party with a few already there. On several occasions while building this party its workers had to face bloody struggle. It may be noted that Mr. Dau Ram Ratnaker, then Chief of Madhya Pradesh and Aman Kumar Nagra were very badly beaten and fractured by the Caste Hindus. The BSP workers were accustomed to listening sarcastic and abusive remarks from the Caste Hindus which sometimes led to altercation and then bloody struggle.

One can now easily perceive the state of a man who has passed through all these ignominies that too for years by putting everything of him for it. Imagine as to what will happen to a crazy man who damn cared for his life and his lucrative job. The catastrophe of 2/3rd June in 1995 (Lucknow Guest House) has left the missionary workers like me stunned. The happenings following this catastrophe were beyond imagination for the committed workers who used to learn and practice the principle of 15/85 preached by their leader. With this sharp about turn and the afterward happenings has proved that BSP leader or his mate Maya had nothing to do with the movement espoused by Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar but they proved themselves jugglers who befooled the whole Bahujan Samaj for their personal gains. Their slogans were nothing but tricks which entrapped our poor people completely. For them the lady has virtually done nothing even then she is being regarded as “Devi” (proud) by our poor people just for her Caste i.e. Chamari. Though, the lady has now denounced herself to be called a Chamari.

Under the situation and circumstances, I was in dilemma as what to do or what not? I was of the firm opinion that the things are not moving smoothly as far as our Mission was concerned. After the midnight of 2nd June 1995, I could not move out of my room for over a week. Nothing was left for our face-saving as we used to teach the workers in different places of North Indian states particularly Uttar Pradesh through cadre classes. The BSP leadership by their actions and omissions had turned their original concept of 15/85 upside down.

Almost after remaining in dilemma for over a week, one fine morning I got up from my drowsiness and found as if somebody is asking me to get up and do something! I immediately called for my wife and my children and told them that I have spent almost half of my life in rearing them and fulfilling all of their needs. I further told them that the situation and circumstances are so warranted me to take up the thrown away mission of Baba Sahib Dr. Bheemrao Ambedkar and take up its unfinished projects. I cautioned them not to aspire for luxuries but be contented with dal-roti (Ordinary food stuff). There shall be no dearth of this ordinary food-stuff if I have been able to pursue the Mission Projects honestly. I told them of the urgencies which compelled me to leave them. “Being very dear and near to me, I desire for your cooperation in my mission, if not, please do not try to create obstacles in my way, I have now decided to adopt austerity (the life of a fakir) I added them finally and frankly.” At this, there were tears in the eyes of wife and children who promised me to extend their full cooperation even if they had to go without food!

It was more than enough for me to continue with my mission projects. But the roads were not so smooth for me to run. The whole society particularly the chamars were drenched and dancing over their sorrow in disguise totally unaware of the outcome of the mischief played with them. Really it was very difficult time of my life. I could neither keep quiet nor continue. There was none to endeavor me to listen. The backing of my family was more than enough. For three months, I desperately toured the country to find out some like minded from amongst the erstwhile BAMCEF stock but in vain. I found some of them to be worried about the happenings at Lucknow but not ready to move. I came back Delhi and called a meeting of some handful lieutenants and discussed the whole issue in detail. I told them that we have to fly against the winds which may risk and cost us our lives for the survival of the Ambedkarite Movement. I made them realize of their respectful existence was not there if our Messiah was not to struggle for us. If we fail to come out positively for the mission at this juncture, our posterity will never forgive us. After having received a positive nod from them, we discussed our future plans at length. Before we could come to the conclusion, we also gave due thought as to why our enemies (Caste Hindus) though Micro-Minority is successful in this land of ours that too while democracy are there. During the course of our discussion, we were able to find out the secret of their success. Their success despite democracy in the country purely based on their “System of sustenance” led by their spearhead organization-RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh) with hundreds of its accomplice organization. Please do refer to our Cadre Charts for the purpose.

Finally we come to the conclusion of having a System of our own at par with their system under RSS. We launched BSS (Bahujan Swayamsewak Sangthan), a non-political and non-religious organization, on 10th September 1995 from Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, 25 Ashoka Road, New Delhi. We made it abundantly clear that at no stage, the caste Hindu will be allowed to get in. Since no battle can be won without disciplined soldiers as such we have prescribed uniform for our Cadre which includes white T-Shirt with shoulder-flaps with brass monograms on it, a blue knickers, blue barrette cap with BSS inscription thereon and black shoes. Apart from our programs, we have been conducting weekly Camps/parades of our cadre wherever we have been able to make inroads.

It was in November 1998, we planned to conduct a “BICYCLE MARCH’ from Delhi to Ayodhya (U.P.) in observance of Mahaparinirvana Divas (death anniversary) of our Messiah. We had to address a lot of meetings and thousands of our workers were to join the march en route. To this effect a lot of publicity was made through the posters and pamphlets of “AYODHYA KOOCH”. There was a lot of enthusiasm amongst the workers of BSS and Muslims were also keen to join it. Our target was to gather about 50000 odd workers to let the Hindu fundamentalist know that under no circumstances the Rama Temple would be allowed to be created over there. Coincidently it was the day of demolition of Babari Mosque also. The BJP governments both at Lucknow and Delhi had taken cognizance and clamped “Red Alert” in the whole state right from the date of departure i.e. 27th November 1998. When a strong contingent of about 250 volunteers of BSS crossed over the Delhi-UP boarder, they were arrested and lodged in Ghaziabad’s Dasana Jail. As the news of our arrest spread like wildfire, thousands of our workers thronged upon to Ghaziabad. When this movement of ours had begun to take alarming shape, the U.P. Government shifted us to Meerut and lodged with the Juvenile Jail, the part of historical Meerut Central Jail.

In this Jail we were greeted by its Deputy Jailor Mr. V.K. Mishra as if its leader (Tej Singh) belonged to thakur (Kshatriya) community. He might have taken cognizance of name (Singh) which is the sole property of thakur clan of Kshatriyas in eastern U.P. Very next day, as a matter of tradition and practice the Mulaiza (introduction) was conducted in the Jail by its Deputy jailor Mishra, a Brahmin. Since all the detainees were Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, backward Caste and Muslims, Mr. Mishra left the Mulaiza site in disgust to the junior officials.

After that Mishra played mischief. He disturbed our food etc. One day when our detainee colleagues were not served food up to 2 O’clock in the evening, we lost our patience and severely beat up V.K. Mishra, the in charge Deputy Jailor with shoes. The siren of the jail ranted the air. A lot of policeman gathered over there including the top brasses of Meerut police and district administration. Instead of taking any oppressive measures against us, the Deputy Inspector General of Police came with folded hand and felt sorry of the state of affairs in Jail. He ordered the jail authorities to arrange to provide/serve the best food stuff to the detainees. After this episode we were being served good food that too at our will and willingness! What a miracle!

After this miracle in Meerut Central Jail, we were compelled to think as to what proper use of the shoes could be done. It is an old adage that he who has power in their shoes, the whole world is bound to vow before him. Perhaps, it was for the very first time that a Brahmin officer (A deputy jailor) had tasted shoe-beating at the hands of the so called low caste people that too in Jail. We have decided as to how to use this shoe power for the greater interest of our society. It was 6th December 1998, when we observed the Parinirvana Divas of Baba Sahib in Meerut Central Jail wherein we announced the formation of our youth wing which was accordingly named “Rashtriya Joota Brigade” (RJB). It was also a matter of pleasure that Matadin a sweeper in a British Regiment, threatened Mangal Pandey another sepoy in the same regiment with dire consequences of taking up the matter with the British authorities on his objection of taking water from the same pot. It may not be out of place to mention that the British Government had passed an order (The Caste Disabilities Act 1850) prohibiting untouchability in any form! Having got afraid of the consequences of The Caste Disabilities Act 1850, Mangal Pandey had created nuisance in the jail which was later given the name of mutiny by the Caste Hindus and thus suppressed the real cause so as to discredit Matadin and the issue. The history was re-written in the same Jail after 140 years but this time it was the revolt against the oppression of the caste Hindus.
After the formation of Rashtriya Joota Brigade (RJB), our volunteers continued with the good work of the mobilizing our people for Ambedkarite Movement. Till date, BSS itself was an attraction for our people as it was taking shape at par with RSS. Rashtriya Joota Brigade was another jewel in the crown of this Ambedkarite Movement. Slowly but steadily, the activities of these organizations have also begun to attract the Muslims and the Christian masses. A uniform of Red shirt with shoe-Mono on its pocket, black pant and a black scarf tied around head was also prescribed for the volunteers of RJB. The attraction towards this Mission has now become visible amongst our people. They questioned our volunteers as to which political party is to be voted and supported. This was a baffling question which has put us in dilemma as to which party should be adopted or co-opted and hinted accordingly. Being the man of movement and student of 15/85 theory, it was not possible for us to direct our people to vote and support for the party which has brahminical elements i.e. Caste Hindus in abundance. It was also not possible for us to adopt BSP which compelled us to take up the movement from zero. Otherwise also, this so-called party of dalits has by now totally deviated from its earlier commitments, policies and programs of Ambedkar Mission. Republican Party of India has developed so many fractions and so far the North Indian States are concerned, it has been fast approaching its extinction. This party of ours too had the Caste Hindu elements in abundance which was another cause of concern.

Second time in my life, I was really in big dilemma and pressure from our people this time. On one side, the question of supporting any Brahminical party out of the so many prevalent doesn’t arise. On the other hand the BSP leadership has spoiled the very rationale of its formation rather it has either been branded as Bhojan Samaj Party (to eat, drink and be merry) or Brahmin Samaj party for its undue importance to Brahmins and other caste Hindus who otherwise were used to be the sworn-enemies of Bahujan Samaj.

The situation, circumstances and the need of the hour had again compelled us to call for an assembly of our people. We organized a big gathering in the name of a “Vikalp Sammelan” at Lucknow on 27th June 1999 in which apart from our own cadre intellectuals like V.T. Rajshekhar, Editor Dalit Voice participated. After a long and fruitful discussion and deliberations, a need for a fresh political party for the Bahujan Samaj as an alternative to Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) was strongly felt. The participants of the “Sammelan” were fervent enough and expressed their concern the way the BSP leadership was moving ignoring the very need of our people and movement. It had been dancing to the tune of the Brahminical elements that by now had developed a caucus around the lady zeroing Kanshi Ram in the party.

At the end of the daylong deliberations, a resolution adopting Ambedkar Samaj Party (ASP) as an alternative political Party for the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, backwards Caste, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs and Christians was passed. This party has become the part of our system perceived to counter the system led by RSS. Thereafter, other organizations under BSS have been emerging to bring each and every person of Bahujan Samaj under its influence and to make everybody responsible for our society.

Apart from the above three main organizations Ambedkar Student Front (ASF), Dr. Ambedkar Association of Advocates (AAA), Savitribai Phule Mahila Morcha(SMM), Mahatma Phule Kishan Morcha (MKM) Ambedkar Employees Federation (AEF) and Bahujan Majdoor Mahasangh (BMM) have emerged. These organizations have since been working under the supervision of BSS, the mother organization of this movement. Any deviation from the Mission and Movement is severely punishable by Rashtriya Joota Brigade. There is absolutely “No Entry” for the Caste Hindu element in any of the above organization or any organization under BSS. With this system of ours, we are bound to fulfill our long cherished sublime Mission.

The Brahminical imperialist in India want to be remain our masters in the guise of their empty nonviolence and deceitful Nationalism so as to enjoy on the pillage of our land and wealth at gunpoint depriving us of our rights and liberty behind their trap of frightening our people of their false and fictitious religious notions and their imaginary Gods & Goddesses
We, the oppressed starving millions Dalit, Adiwasi, Backward, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh and Christian, damn their empty nonviolence and deceitful Nationalism and dare and denounce their false and fictitious Gods & Goddesses, would like to seek our freedom and right of self-determination to decide our fate and to live at our will in this land of ours.
This is nothing but our only long cherished sublime Mission.

Bhai Tej Singh
Commander-in-Chief BSS
304 Mandakini Enclave, Alaknanda,
New Delhi-110019. India.
Telefax: 011-40533944
Mobile- 09313206066

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1978- BAMCEF (Source of Genuine & Capable leadership?)
(Backward and Minority Communities Employees Federation): A non-political and non-religious wing of the employees of Backward Classes and Minority communities to contribute money, mind and time for the Ambedkarite movement. It was to take on the Caste Hindu’s Mother Organization ‘RSS’ but…? The principle of BAMCEF was “To pay back to society”.
After the Chandigarh conference (1981), BAMCEF was abandoned!

1982- DS4 (Social Action)-for mild to wild action
(Dalit Shoshit Sangharsh Samiti): An agitation wing of dalit-shoshit. It was supposed to counter Hindu Militant organizations (Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena, Durga Vahini etc.) but abandoned without any sort of fight….?
The slogan of DS4 was-

1984- BSP (To Capture political power for Bahujan Samaj)
(Bahujan Samaj Party): A political party of the Bahujan Samaj, for the Bahujan Samaj and by the Bahujan Samaj i.e. to get political power (The Master Key) for the Bahujan Samaj with the note (Money) and vote of the Bahujan Samaj.
The sole intention behind the formation of BSP was to empower Bahujan Samaj politically so as to bring about “Social transformation and economic emancipation”.

The concept of the above organizations was based on the theory and practice of 15/85, means no person from 15% Caste Hindu elements was supposed to be allowed to get in. That is why the slogan of TILAK, TARAJU AUR TALWAR-INKO MAARO JOOTE CHAAR was flouted to keep distance from the oppressor Brahmins, Kshatriya and the Vaishyas. It was just a warning to our people (85%) to maintain distance from these 15% Caste Hindus and deal with them firmly if they ever tried to come to them.

The other slogan of the party were-






BAHUJAN SAMAJ KA HIT BAHUJAN SAMAJ PARTY KE SAATH SURAKSHIT (The welfare and safety of 85% Bahujan Samaj is safe with Bahujan Samaj Party).

The oppressor Caste Hindus were branded NAAG NATH & SANP NATH, means if somebody will try to put his hand in the snake-pit, snake will bite and the result will be sure death. Otherwise also, if a snake would have entered one’s house the family will have to spend their whole night by sitting on their cot in fear/terror. In both ways, the death or the fear of impending death is sure. This way our people were being taught in BAMCEF/BSP Cadre Camps.

Now it could easily be added that- NAAG NAATH, SAAMP NAATH & ASTEEN KE SAMP! Please guess as to who are “ASTEEN KE SAMP”.

Kanshi Ram has once (12-5-1992 Karkardooma, Delhi) branded Ram Vilas Paswan as THAKUR KA THAPPA. (Thakur means V.P. Singh)

He also used to abuse Babu Jagjiwan Ram as Gulam Ram of Congress a stooge of Congress Party.

BSP was established on 14th April 1984.
In 1989’s Parliament & U.P. Assembly election it got 3 Member Parliament & 13 M.L.A. from U.P.

In 1992 Midterm Polls-it got only one M.P. (Reeva, M.P.) & 12 M.L.A. from U.P. Later Kanshi Ram ji got elected from Etawa by election and Mohan Singh Phaliawala from Ferozpur (Punjab). It got two MLAs from Dev Talab & Pamgarh (M.P.)

In 1993, the party won 67 MLAs from Uttar Pradesh; most of them were from Eastern U.P. & Bundel Khand. It may be noted that Mayawati was made in charge of Western U.P. and given 44 tickets to distribute but she miserably lost all the 44 seats. The men who were instrumental for the winning of the 67 seats were shunted out of the party and Mayawati who brought double zero out of 44 seats was elevated and awarded Rajya Sabha Seat by none other that Kanshi Ram!

On December 5, the SP-BSP (Bahujan) Government has taken over the reigns of Government in Uttar Pradesh. In this government only one Brahmin and Thakur was inducted to the Cabinet that was from SP (Mulayam’s Quota).

On 16th December 1993, when the MLAs from the Brahminical Parties (BJP+Congress) had seen those persons (MLAs) sitting on Treasury Benches (The Chairs earmarked for Ministers) could tolerate and tried to rage them (SP+BSP MLAs) so that they continue with the governance of the state. But the trained lot of MLAs of BSP had thwarted their attempt by beating them severely. Next day, the Newspapers had carried big stories with bloodstained photographs of BJP MLA (Kesari Nath Tripathi).

This incident had sent a deep message and sharp signals to the Bahujan Samaj that their days of sorrow and humiliation are over.

Taking cognizance of this incident rather accident for them, the Brahminical forces spread over in different political and apolitical parties/organizations began to get united. They organized secrete meetings expressing serous concern over the incident of Lucknow. They were of the views that if this alliance is allowed to flourish they are bound to be beaten at Bhopal, Patna, Calcutta, Bombay, Gandhi Nagar and finally in Delhi. Their fear was not baseless because we have our majority (85-90% population) in each and every part of the country and Uttar Pradesh was supposed to be a trend setter for the rest of the country. After so many meetings and deliberations, they have finally decided to dislodge this alliance of Dalits & Backward class communities to which the Muslims are the natural allies.


It was on this ill-fated night of June 2 1995 that the flag of Ambedkarism , the hope of the millions poor and persecuted had been thrown away by breaking this holy alliance of Dalits & Backward class communities (SP+BSP) for unholy alliance of BJP+BSP). Our gullible masses could not understand the malicious intention of BSP leadership but rejoiced the new role of their so called “Devi”. The worst of everything was that the so called affluent and intellectual from amongst dalits could not take stock of this alarming situation (Sharp about-face) of the duo and kept on singing the songs in the praise of the lady.

Shocking entry of the Caste Hindus elements to Bahujan Samaj Party.

Taking advantage of the foolishness (Lack of understanding) of our people, the duo step by step has allowed the Bahujan movement to disintegrate and finally surrendered it to Brahmanism.

Ist Government with outsider support of BJP
IInd Government with inside support of BJP
IIIrd Government as alliance partner of BJP not only in U.P. but at Centre also.
This alliance had brought so many strange and painful results namely-
1-Supporting BJP on POTA in Parliament;
2- This alliance Government Orders were issued to dilute the effect of
Scheduled Caste Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989?
The Act’s application was made limited to the murder of a dalit or the rape of a dalit woman only that to it is found to be true on an inquest from the police, whereas it was earlier applicable on mere insult of a SC/ST member by a Caste Hindu!
3- It was not enough for the BSP’s Madame that she again issued another
GO for reverse punitive action under Section 182 of Criminal Procedure
Code against that dalit if the information of atrocity is found to be false
through an inquest by Police Officials? Why?
4- Another GO was issued making prior permission of the District
Magistrate concerned compulsory for the installation of the Statue of Our
Messiah Baba Sahib Ambedkar. What happened to their slogan of “Jo
bound to capture the government land as of ours).
5- Mr. K.R. Narayanan who opposed BJP openly on Constitution Review
was not voted and supported for the second term by BSP Legislators?
6- Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde a Chamar from Maharashtra was not
voted for the Vice Ptresidentship?
7- Mr. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat who was responsible for the installation of
MANU’s statue in the compound of Jaipur High Court was voted for
Vice Presidentship.
8- The declaration of 50% reservation in sports in U.P. was withdrawn by
Maya-government of U.P.?
9- The lady had obliged BJP by campaigning for the wanton-killer Sushil
Kumar Modi of BJP in the last election of Gujrat?
10- The Maya-Government has saved the Hindu terrorists- L.K. Adwani,
Murali Manohar Joshi, Uma Bharti of BJP by not issuing a notification
on Babari demolition?
11- The history has been created by Mayawati by compelling the 96
year old mother of Kanshi Ram to even move to Supreme Court of India
for the direction to have an access over her ailing son? By the way as to
who is Mayawati to have such legitimacy over Kanshi Ram?
12- The Bahujan Samaj was compelled to be looted in the name of the
services/jobs, the issuances of gun-licenses and allotment of barren lands
particularly to the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes?
13- Is there any other example in the annals of Indian Jurisprudence and
perhaps in the world that a mother of 96 is compelled to run from pillar
to posts to have an access over her ailing son?

Surprisingly, the affluent and intellectuals from amongst us had not only preferred mum but shamelessly supported the lady in her pursuits detrimental to Bahujan Samaj and its Movement!

If our people particularly the affluent and intellectual section of our society (Bahujan Samaj) would have reacted sharply to the evil and devil designs of the duo on and after 3rd June 1995, they would not have dared to spoil the Mission of our Messiah and Movement built up by the people of Bahujan Samaj with bare feet and rare food in their stomach!

June 3, 2005:
Installed her statue and her mentor Kanshi Ram during their lifetime! She had sent back Baba Sahib Ambedkar to the inconspicuous position by putting his statue behind that of their own! With this heinous act and omissions, she had degraded and debased the tall personality of Baba Sahib Ambedkar the Messiah of the millions!

In future, if somebody ignorant will go to the so called “Prerna Kendra” will, have to first garland the duo and then Baba Sahib? What a manipulation?

The other champions of Bahujan Samaj- Mahatma Phule, Sahu Maharaj, Periar E.V. Ramaswamy Naiker and Naraina Guru had been made gate keeper by installing their statues in and around the gate of the Kendra?

What a shameless act?

June 9, 2005:
Finally BSP stood for the Brahmins and the welfare of the brahminical lots leaving nobody in any sort of doubt!
The lady has backtracked from her earlier slogans:

Tilak Taraju aur Talwar
Inko maro joote chaar

Jiski jitni sankhya bhaari
Uski utni bhagidari


Haathi Nahin Ganesh Hai
Brahma, Vishnu Mahesh Hai?

Jiski jitni thaili bhari
Uski utni hissedari?

She alleged:
That Baba Sahib had married a Brahmin woman as such he was never up against Brahmins and the brahminical people! What a manipulation!

Regarding leadership, Kanshi Ram ji had said that “I need leaders from the depressed classes to lead the (depressed classes), not outsiders or agents of outsiders. I believe such leadership in community with the leadership provided by Mahatma Phule, Sahu Maharaj, Ramaswamy Naiker, Naraina Guru, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar will have to emerge…”
-Kanshi Ram
(The Week, June 1991)

Hey! Look at this picture and Guess as to what Kanshi Ram
is intending to show?

A word of caution from Kanshi Ram:-
“A word of caution about the possible sabotage and the destruction of the organization by the enemies of the oppressed and exploited Indians. This can be done either through infiltration of the 15% brahminical forces into the organization or through possible purchase of the functionaries”.

The Bahujan Samaj Party is now passing through this phase of infiltration by the 15% Brahminical forces led by Mishras, Upadhyas, Pathaks etc.

Kanshi Ram once fed up with this lady had said that if I die in the morning the Party will be finished by the evening and if I die in the evening the Party shall finish by the next morning!