Sunday, July 1, 2007

INTERVIEW: Rakhi Sawant/Aajtak-Seedhi Baat, July 01,2007

“Manmohan Singh is very cool”
Rakhi Sawant, Aajtak-Seedhi Baat

ACTOR AND SINGER RAKHI SAWANT spoke to me about marriage, movies and her childhood for Aajtak. Excerpts:
Q. There’s only one superwoman in India, Sonia Gandhi. Manmohan Singh and Baba Ramdev are supermen.

A. Our prime minister is not a superman because he’s very cool. I like Baba Ramdev for his yoga teachings.

Q. I heard you’ve got married.
A. The media has nothing else to do except publish rumours. I’ll never marry secretly.

Q.Will you marry your boyfriend Abhishek?
A. I can’t marry now because I am a manglik. I may marry in 2011-12. Even Amitabh Bachchan and Himesh Reshammiya wear many stones. I’m young and beautiful. After marriage, a romance may change to stress.

Q. You’re not getting films because you do not have film background.
A. But people love me. I work in reality shows and in item numbers. I’m doing the film Budha Mar Gaya.

Q. You act well, sing and dance well. But you don’t get a film with a good director like Karan Johar.
A. I’m doing small roles. Karan Johar will give me an opportunity one day.

Q. Big stars like Kareena Kapoor, Bipasha Basu also do item numbers.
A. I’m an item girl. My style has its own magic. I dance like acid.

Q. These days stars use plastic surgery.
A. Everyone wants to look glamorous. If science can change our incompleteness then why
shouldn’t we try it?

Q. Who is your competitor? Mallika Sherawat or Shilpa Shetty?
A. No one is my competitor. Why do you compare Mallika Sherawat with me?

Q. How will you get big roles without a godfather?
A. The media is my godfather. People love me. I am different from Rani Mukherjee, Kareena, Vidya Balan.

Q.Was your childhood full of problems.
A. My childhood was full of sorrow. My family was very conservative. I tried to commit suicide once. My parents wanted a traditional girl but I wanted my freedom.

Q. What is your dream?
A. To be a celebrity. I want to earn for the poor child. I studied in a municipal school so I know the problems.