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Ask Prabhu:, July 22, 2008

On the Vote of Trust in Parliament
Question & Answers..........
Q: What will the Congress achieve if it wins the trust vote in Parliament?
A: It will be able to save the personal prestige of the Prime Minister who had signed the civilian nuclear deal with President Bush. -Asked by Satish,
Q: Who will form the next government in case the UPA government falls now?
A: No one in this Parliament because both the leading formations, like the NDA and the UPA, will not support any other political party to form a government.-Asked by Prasad.
Q: What do you think about a great economist-turned Prime Minister begging for votes?
A: I pity him. He has a good reputation and a good cause to fight for. Unfortunately, he has mistimed his adventurism by depending on those who are behind bars for being a threat to national security. Now, they have become the safety net for his government. -Asked by Narasimhan ,
Q: The PM is also involved in horse trading to save his government and has bought Shibu Soren. Will he still be considered as "Mr Clean PM"?
A: I won't call it horse trading as Shibu Soren is a part of the UPA. But I would definitely call it a political deal-making. If Soren is fit to be a minister now, then why was he kept out for so many months? It was because Mr Clean Prime Minister thought Soren was not clean. -Asked by Ramesh,
Q: Legally, can a minority government take the N-deal forward? If so, can't the UPA seek an honourable exit instead of imposing the current political farce on the nation?
A: Once the government has lost the majority, it is not expected to take decisions which may bind the country for eternity. I think Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has followed the correct route to seek the endorsement of Parliament. -Asked by Ramesh,
Q: Can't the UPA proceed with the N-deal without the trust vote? Will its conduct be above board if it wins the trust vote? Can it continue with the deal if it does not win the trust vote?
A: The Prime Minister has done the right thing by going to Parliament which he should have done a year ago and saved his reputation. Now, if he wins the vote of confidence, people will suspect the conduct of his government in securing a majority in the House. If they lose the confidence vote, the government will not proceed with the deal as promised by the Prime Minister himself. -Asked by Dwarak,
Q: Will the BJP support Mayawati's candidature for the PM's post in case the Congress loses the trust vote in Parliament?
A: If they do, what will happen to their prime ministerial candidate L.K. Advani? They have announced that they will not be supporting Mayawati. -Asked by Rajeev,
Q: Sibhu Soren is reported to be making unreasonable demands on the Congress for voting in its favour. What would Mahatma Gandhi have done had he been alive?
A: In fact, Mahatma Gandhi wanted to wind up the Congress and he would have done precisely that. We should not blame Shibu Soren for asking ministerial berths and other concessions, don't you agree? Ab sabka dil maange more! -Asked by R.D. Nathan,
Q: Politicians are wasting their precious time to bring down a government and setting a wrong example of governance for the new generation. Can't the President call a meeting of these MPs and tell them to behave, or if necessary, impose President's rule to discipline them till forthcoming elections?
A: Our Constitution doesn't give any right to the President to call MPs and tell them to behave. And there is no provision for President's rule in India. -Asked by Rajendra

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