Monday, August 26, 2013

'Beating drums beforehand is not Congress culture'

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit speaks about her political duty and qualities a Prime Minister  should have during Teekhi Baat on IBN7. Excerpts:

History repeats itself, when you came to power, the issue was onion prices.
No, sorry, this is what you are saying, but to say just because of onions we came to power
Won’t the onion prices affect government? BJP, the state government and AAP have set up onion shops...
BJP has set up 7-8 shops, Aam Aadmi Party has set up, 2-4, and we have set up 1000 outlets and 200 tempos.
You are experiencing fear due to onion prices...
We are providing relief.
Parliament has not passed food security bill and you have started distributing.
I checked, the ordinance is in place. Even the opposition parties in parliament, they will realize that the food security bill is not for you not for me, not for members of parliament, not for rich, this is for the poorest of the poor.
CAG report says there is a lot of leakage.
Not in PDS.
Who after Sheila? If Soniaji makes to Prime Minister by mistake.
‘By mistake’ is right.
Will you be in Delhi only? If you don’t vacate, how those below you would progress.
I have not come into this job for progress, I have been given a duty and I want to do it happily.
You didn’t give reaction on the Shunglu committee report...
Replies have been given to all questions raised in Shunglu committee report.
What two qualities should a PM have?
A PM should be accepted by the party, they decide that he should be our (candidate). Second, elections should be won. This is not Congress party’s culture. First let us win elections. Or should we start beating drums beforehand?
Even in your party people say Rahul Gandhi should become PM. But he never said he wants to be PM. 
We want, but Rahul will not say. This is the difference.
What is difference between Rahul and Modi?
I don’t make personal comments on Rahulji or Modiji.
Am speaking of leadership
Our leadership, party will elect. Wasn’t Soniaji elected?

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