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Teekhi Baat with Rajnath Singh/IBN7/February 02, 2013

‘The Home Minister has hurt national pride’

RSS is a large socio-cultural organisation and the BJP will defend its reputation, BJP President Rajnath 

Singh says during Teekhi Baat on IBN7. Excerpts:

Being president is not new for you
People say you are a compromise candidate
My elevation to the post of national president is based on a consensus.
You critics say the RSS chose Rajnath Singh
The RSS does not select BJP president.
What is the relation between RSS and BJP?
Many leaders among us are from the RSS.
Can BJP be imagined without RSS?
We all leaders are member of that family. But if a person wants to become a BJP members, then it is not necessary for him to be a RSS swayamsevak.
Sangh’s ideology is the birth place of BJP
See, Sangh’s ideology and BJP’s ideology are compatible to a great extent.
Will you consider it as mother?
You term it as mother or father that is your issue. The ideologies are closely related, because they too work for the country and even we work for nation building. And BJP is not into politics just for forming government, but for nation building.
Some former RSS members were  attacked in the past one year because they were caught for terror activities. The Home Ministry has provided evidence
There may be some people who may have been associated with Sangh earlier, but there are many Sangh swayamsevaks in Congress-led UPA government.
But they are not being caught for terror acts.
Were RSS people caught in some terror activity?
Four to five people
There may have been some people who would have been formerly associated with RSS. But I think, UPA is making attempts to defame the world’s biggest socio-cultural organisation. On what basis do they say that RSS is a terror organisation? FBI has said that the Samjhauta Express and Mecca Masjid blasts were misdeeds of Lashkar-e-Toiba and ISI.
Rajnath Singh now have to save or defend RSS from negative publicity that it is getting.
The RSS is the not only the country’s but the world socio-cultural organisation. And for vote-bank politics, if somebody attempts to malign it, then the BJP will stand by the RSS.
You have said that you will demand Shinde’s resignation for the comments he made about BJP and RSS, and protest outside Parliament
The Union Home Minister has hurt national pride. The only person who has endorsed his statement is Hafiz Sayeed. And because of Shinde's statement that terrorist got the opportunity to say that India is a terrorist state.
 Which means BJP is getting back to its Hindutva plank
In the history of independent India, for the first time, a minister sitting in the government has hurt the image of the country.
Even Chidambaram said this once when he was Home Minister. He first coined the term ‘saffron terror.’
But he did not make statement that training is given in training camps.
Your party has not won election and people are in the prime ministerial race already.
There is no rush. The Central Parliamentary Board will take a decision at the appropriate time.
JD (U) says Modi should not become Prime Ministerial candidate. Even Shiv Sena said that BJP should declare its PM candidate.
Our Central Parliamentary Board will take a decision.
It seems BJP leaders feel awkward taking Modi’s name because he has bigger than the party
I am happy that we have such a leader in the party.
Can any leader from the alliance be chosen as PM candidate
It is a tradition that the PM candidate comes from the single largest party.
What has BJP done for farmers?
In the history of India for the first time BJP gave relief to farmers by reducing the amount payable back to banks. This money was given to farmers for farming purposes. For the first time, BJP-led NDA government introduced Kisan Credit card. We had launched the project to provide pucca roads to all villages.
Can Rajnath be a prime ministerial candidate?
No, I have responsibility of the organisation.

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