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Sachin Pilot on Teekhi Baat/ IBN7/December 17, 2011

Interview with Youth leader Sachin Pilot, who is a member of ‘Team Rahul’ and is currently the minister of state in the ministry of Communications and Information technology, for Teekhi Baat on IBN 7. PC: Youth leader Sachin Pilot, we are not presuming you to be a minister, what do you want to be a party leader or minister.

SP: Give any description of mine, but working as a worker of the Congress party in this country.

PC: There is only one youth leader, Rahul Gandhi.

SP: Rahul Gandhi is our leader, he is a national leader.

PC: You are also the spokesperson of the government, now some names have been added to the list and you are one among them. You know it, you have been sent a copy of the decision.

SP: I am in the know and recognize the responsibility Prabhuji.

PC: Senior ministers keep you together just to state that they have a youth face with them.

SP: The work given to us and which has got done from us is not for fulfilling your expectations. But the news about the government should reach people in different states in the right manner for which we have been given a collective responsibility.

PC: It is written in the letter that if you want to ask anything about the government you can ask any of these people.

SP: You are free to ask me anything, not only me all the ministers in the group.

PC: I want to ask you that no face representing the youth from your party was seen the Lokpal all party meeting, who want to speak on behalf of the government.

SP: You ask a question and take and answer from me.

PC: Yesterday, who said what in the meeting?

SP: Our government called and all party meeting, which was attended by leaders who gave their opinion. It was not a UPA government meeting; it was an all political party meeting.

PC: So, UPA prime minister called the meeting, all other ministers were present in the meeting.

SP: So, will all 75 ministers sit in the meeting?

PC: I am speaking of those who have been made spokespersons.

SP: You ask any question that you like, what you want, and I will make full efforts to satisfy you.

PC: I am asking about the view of the government, not the party, regarding proposal Lokpal.

SP: Congress government, UPA coalition government has a clear view; we want to get a strong bill, so when the Lokpal is formed, a message should go into the country, that Lokpal formation is one part of our fight against corruption, and we have committed ourselves towards this. From the past 45 years..

PC: In the standing committee, there is news regarding dissenting votes.

SP: There are people from different parties in the standing committee. The MP who is part of the standing committee gives his individual opinion. He is a MP of his party, and his job is to give his and his party’s view and suggestions, this is the work in the standing committee. The report of the standing committee is tabled in the parliament, and we want that in this winter session.

PC: I am asking the spokesperson of the government, you will not be present in the cabinet meeting in which the bill will be tabled, because you are not a cabinet minister, but are spokesperson.

SP: Prabhuji, we are members of parliament, we are members of Congress party, we are ministers of the government, we have assured the country that we will bring a Lokpal bill, more than this what do you want to know.

PC: The view has come, the chairman has present, some Congressmen have given dissent note, there is no view of the government on this.

SP: What can be the governments’ view, we will consult all parties and a consensus will be formed, we will bring that bill. And we don’t want to complete a formality by doing this, but for 45 years the issue is going on, hence Manmohan Singhji has said on the floor of the parliament that we will table a Lokpal bill and get it passed.

PC: What view do you have regarding the Prime Minister coming under the jurisdiction of Lokpal.

SP: I think the view that will be formed after consultation between all parties, that view the government must go by. Because, it is not question of one Manmohan Singhji,

PC: All parties, except one or two small ones, are of the view that the Prime Minister must come under the jurisdiction of Lokpal, even your allies are in favour.

SP: Even Prime Minister saabI wants to be under the jurisdiction of Lokpal.

PC: Am asking a young, youthful spokesperson of the government, what is his view.

SP: I feel that after consultation with all parties, Congress party view, UPA government view, and form a consensus. But if I tell you in this programme, whether it will come or not, wouldn’t it be insulting the parliament?

PC: I am not asking whether it will come or not.

SP: All people should fulfil his responsibility and if anybody comes under the jurisdiction of Lokpal, then it will harm nobody.

PC: Because Anna Hazare said that your youth leader derailed Lokpal bill.

SP: I found his statement highly unfortunate, because the movement that Anna Hazare saab started, he is digressing from it so much, may be even he is not realizing it. Because the people surrounding him used to talk of changing the system, and now they talk about changing the ones who are ruling. Hence, to make this movement political is not doing his movement any good.

PC: They are talking about changing the party who is ruling because the ruling party is not allowing the bill to come through, hence uproot the party in power. I am stating their argument, neither justifying nor arguing.

SP: Prabhuji, I am feeling that you are talking like their spokesperson.

PC: Na, na, they have said all this. We asked them a question, why you are speaking against the Congress, they said that if the Congress party wants, the bill will be passed ,which is true.

SP: Please know one thing, this is the Congress party government will make Lokpal a reality. Till now so many governments came and went, nobody did anything. If Anna Hazare saab kept this movement apolitical, then credibility would have been maintained. Today they have started campaigning against the Congress party, and only making the Congress party their target, they have politicized it. Cant he go to Karnataka and speak against Yedurappa, go to Uttar Pradesh and speak against Mayawati, campaign there. I understand that the mission that he had spearheaded, he has somewhat digressed from it.

PC: There were so many cases and enquired opened against the people surrounding him, it is happening even today. But from the time they started targeting Rahul Gandhi, Congress party had more problem.

SP: It is absolutely correct, if you criticize somebody’s leader, if it is based on facts, that fine, but making baseless allegations, that does not suit. And please listen the second issue Prabhuji, any per son who is in public life, political life, is in a party, at a post, is a minister, if he is scrutinized, then it is fine. But if any enquiry if there on team Anna member, then ‘doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani ho jaana chahiye’ . Why have double standards, why do you have any problem, if anybody spends or not.

PC: If Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi committed a fault four – five years ago, then why was your government silent? Why didn’t you enquire then?

SP: When a person becomes prominent, when people know him, there are 120 people staying in this country, if you are taking up an issue and want to show yourself squeaky clean, then you will have to go through the same process that you want to implement on other people.

PC: It is fine to punish them, hang them for their mistakes, but when they started speaking against you, you started digging graves.

SP: If don’t think that the government has acted in a vindictive manner. But if an issue is published in a newspaper, will the government close it eyes.

PC: Your note was printed in the newspaper.

SP: When the information was received, then there was action ,some media printed it, some raised questions, let it be against any person, if there is an inquiry, then what is the objection.

PC: Rahulji had given a statement that it should be a constitutional authority, this was a suggestion of Rahulji in parliament.

SP: He has a right to speak as an MP.

PC: Certainly, you and he both have rights, the question is when Annaji is saying again and again, but for that there has to be an amendment in the constitution with two third majority, it this a way of delaying things.

SP: You know how the things have moved fast this time, because there is a commitment from the government, we are acting on it. Then you boycott the process of the standing committee, you go and make all laws at Jantar Mantar, you only want to go on with your dialogue, become inflexible, don’t listen to anybody, political party MP’s who have won parliament elections, they all are saying that they are with this issue, and are against corruption, we want to give our opinion, but if you want to impose every full stop, every comma sitting outside the parliament, that I think is not right.

PC: The question Sachin is that all the things that you are saying, in public, media, in other political parties, you have be isolated, all your seniors, from whom you will take over again, if you win next time and it seems you will win if you keep on working, but does it seem that the senior people are leaving a infamous party, failed government. It will be a reason of worry for youth leaders like you in the party.

SP: Please see, we won elections in 2004, after five years the people of India again gave us the mandate to run the government, and today according to you, your perception, if there is any deficiency in the government, then this is a collective responsibility. The government has appreciated all good things done by us, and made us win elections, for which we all take credit. But if there is any mistake, deficiency, according to you, for that collectively the cabinet has the responsibility, and all of us. I don’t believe this, but if you feel that we have committed mistakes or deficiencies, only then. This is your allegation.

PC: A chief minister of some state reverses the cabinet’s decision, this is not happened in the history of India. This is a reflection.

SP: First of all, the decision has not been reversed, Pranab Mukherjeeji, leader of the house

PC: It is on hold, or whatever other terminology.

SP: It has been said that we will stop it till a consensus if not evolved.

PC: Does the chief minister have a right to make such an announcement.

SP: This announcement has been done by Pranab Mukherjeeji, in the Lok Sabha.

PC: But she said that Pranab Mukherjee will say it in parliament.

SP: What anybody writes, speaks to the newspaper, is not my responsibility,

PC: She said on TV

SP: But the government’s decision, was stated by Pranab Mukherjee, who is leader of Lok Sabha of Congress party, he conveyed his decision in the house.

PC: Youth leaders like you, who are not in cabinet, but will soon come, don’t you think senior people over 70 -75 want to stay in power, there is a police complaint against one minister, other minister is boycotted by the BJP, third minister is infamous for some other reason, don’t you think that the credibility of your ministers at getting affected because of this, the youth leaders are being affected most.

SP: Like I said under the government headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singhji, we have collective responsibility. In every decision, if there is a credit, we all get it. If you want to make allegations, if you think something is wrong, then for that we all together are responsible for it.

PC: For failure you have collective responsibility, for success it is the same.

SP: It cannot be that we wear a sehara for success and according to you if there is a mistake.

PC: Some 6 8 youth leaders like you, who are seen with Rahul Gandhiji, you are going for Rahul Gandhiji, and then you beat up workers; it seems that you are youth leader, if they have problems taking them with you.

SP: You have no authority to give judgement on this.

PC: I am asking a question.

SP: Rahul Gandhi is our leader, what relationship, what working we have is our internal matter. We want to present such a face in front of the people which is acceptable to all. And according to me, in this country, and specially in the Congress party, the transformation that is going to come about under the leadership of Rahul Gandhiji, even you will say that the strategy that we adopted, have given us a positive result.

PC: If Rahul Gandhi was so strong, then why would you take a minister like Ajit Singh ,who is not so strong, but you are making him cabinet minister. You decided some days before election, if you and Rahul Gandhi are so strong, why do you need people.

SP: Tell me one thing Prabhuji, in Uttar Pradesh, there are 22 MP’s from the Congress party out of 80. There are so many states in the country, where coalition governments are running, our coalition partners are in state as well as centre, and if we fight elections in Uttar Pradesh by keeping one, two or three alliance partners, and give a united opposition to Mayawati government, then what why objection to that. In politics, if you compromise with somebody and fight an election, you consolidate you position, and you get more strength in uprooting Mayawatiji’s government, then what problem can anyone have.

PC: After touring, Rahul Gandhiji came to know that he cannot win on his own, hence it is necessary to go with Ajit Singh,

SP: Both parties feel that by fighting elections together.

PC: Is that a party,

SP: He has a support base in west Uttar Pradesh, their MLA’s MP’s have been elected. We know that to defeat the Mayawatiji’s government we need a united opposition. And today the alternative is not Samajwadi Party (SP),

PC: Join hands with BJP, Samajwadi.

SP: SP, BJP is not an alternative. Only Congress party is an alternative to Maywatiji. And we will fight elections under the leadership of the Congress party, I feel we will be successful in forming government there.

PC: Hence, you had to take Ajit Singh, till yesterday he was voting against you.

SP: In politics if you take somebody together for fulfilling your collective objective.

PC: Why didn’t you do it earlier, why three months before the elections?

SP: Coalitions are formed before the elections. Can you do political coalition five years before, there are so many parties who went to NDA, came out.

PC: This is a political compromise to fight elections, win elections.

SP: We are forming an understanding with them so that we can do seat sharing and give a united fight to Mayawatiji’s government.

PC: What is happening in parliament FDI bill is stopped, some other bill is reversed, what is happening to the leadership.

SP: I think that your way of viewing, you think if we suspend any cabinet decision,

PC: Earlier this would not happen.

SP: Please listen, if we take opinion of any party, if we accommodate anybody, become flexible, hence in a democracy everything is not winning or losing. We try to take everybody and go together. It is a coalition government; there is a limited elbow room.

PC: What about leadership.

SP: There are 40 parties in parliament, keeping such a big country together, we have run a stable government for 7.5 years. And on all parameters, be it economic growth, prosperity, be it the economic situation, we have maintained that , for which you will give some credit to the government.

PC: In UPA 1, such fights would not happen. You put down CPM in such manner, whether the vote of confidence was tainted or not I am not going into that. You showed them muscle, now why don’t you have strength to show muscle.

SP: Where did we not show muscle?

PC: You would have told Mamta, we have taken a decision, we will not reverse it, do what you want. FDI is in the interest or the country or not, do you agree with it or not.

SP: I think that if Mamta Banerjee wants something, is she a member of our coalition or not? If she has an objection.

PC: Why didn’t you consult with her earlier then?

SP: Because in the FDI proposal, every chief minister has a free hand to decide whether you want to implement or not in your state.

PC: You went into nuances, I don’t want to go in to that. You have Soniaji, Rahulji

SP: But prime minister himself said that would could have held consultations on the same, but they didn’t happen in the right manner. The consensus which should have been formed inside and outside the parliament, which we could not make. But in the next few months few would be able to do the same.

PC: You feel it is the collective responsibility I don’t want to discuss on the same. . But the question is from the time Rahul Gandhi has come on the scene, he does not say anything even if the government is criticized time and again. What do you think about Anna Hazare’s statement that nobody can become prime minister by staying into a hut for one day.

SP: I think in politics, one should have a big heart sometimes. If somebody taunts, criticizes, if anybody raises a finger at you, then in a democracy you have to take humble in your stride and move ahead. And let it be anybody, I don’t want to name any particular person, if you in a principled, political way oppose anybody, we have no objection to that, but if you say something below the belt about a person, that does not suit our culture.

PC: He is from a village.

SP: Let him be from anywhere.

PC: You mean people from village are not mature, they don’t know how to speak politely.

SP: Now some people say ‘tu ki bole’ now somebody may say saying ‘tu’ is not right, now it is the nuances of a language.

PC: Languages and words both are different.

SP: Let one say something, by the way one says it,

PC: Do you think that by standing in a hut, one can become, you think going to a hut, this style of his..

SP: I don’t understand, Prabhu Chawlaji, if Rahul Gandhiji is a leader of our party, and if he goes to poor, dalit, weak, farmer’s house, sits, talks, has food, then Mayawatiji has so much of a problem, Prabhu Chawla has so much problem, Anna Hazareji has so much problem, why does it happen?

PC: I am asking a question.

SP: You people don’t do, if somebody does,

PC: You feel the media has no right to ask question.

SP: You ask so many questions, but you have no patience to listen to the answer, nor do you want to.

PC: You don’t give straight answer

SP: You ask what the question is, you are doing all ‘feeki baat’, and you said you will do ‘Teekhi Baat’ but you are doing all feeki baat.

PC: I am doing a Teekhi Baat, can one become a prime minister by staying in a slum.

SP: In this country, the person who stands with the poor, will share his sorrows, understand their pain, will stay on ground. By taking out big yatras and giving big speeches, and by doing dharna’s if people would have become prime minister, or coming to power, that is easy. But leaving ones impression on the mind of the common man, understanding people’s pain, share their work, this is the first responsibility of a political worker, that is what Rahul Gandhiji does. But Mayawatiji gets troubled because of that, the whole media feels troubled by that, but ‘janta janardhan hai woh samay aane par apna nirnay degi’

PC: That they have given, in the byelections in the past five years, you have lost deposits.

SP: In 2009, 22 out of 80 we won, how many did BSP win, 19, SP 20,

PC: But you had admitted people like Ajit Singh then, 7 8 people had left other parties and joined you, defected.

SP: If anybody wins from the Congress party, you will read his whole history. But some other party

PC: That is the case with all in UP, Mayawati is also the same.

SP: That is why I am Prabhu Chawlaji, elections are going to be held in Uttar Pradesh, I want to request you humbly

PC: You did not answer my question; next Prime Minister is Rahul Gandhi

SP: I think he should certainly become prime minister,

PC: Now he should become?

SP: This decision is of the party, but my personal opinion is, if youth leaders come rise in the country, then Rahul Gandhiji has all the qualities and capabilities, to lead the country.

PC: Hence, Rahul Gandhi should become prime minister and under his leadership, it will be easy for you to win 2014 elections I feel.

SP: This decision is of the party, but he has got all qualities to be prime minister, and in the past eight years he has proved, that he knows how to connect with the masses.

PC: Hence you said that he should become prime minister, the party will decide, but he should become.

SP: Certainly.

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