Thursday, December 2, 2010

TAPES DEBATE / Headlines Today, December 01, 2010

Senior media practitioners discuss the effect on media ethics after the Radia revelations

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Vikash said...

Mr Chawala;
This may be irrelvant but I want to convoy that NO ONE (atlaest whom I know of) believes taht you have anything to answer.
Its so stupid of India today to get carried away by Barkha's allegation and put you on hot seat. Money is not the only thing people exchange.

You should not let yourself down. We love you and we strongly feel taht you have nothing to do with those tape as like everyone else's you have personal life too. People missed taht the tone of the conversation. She was asking for a favor when she asked your opinion. in other case, she was giving direction as a Boss.
All I say that you should never feel that people are thinking about you, people have sense and they have ear. They can listen the tape.

thank you for serving the country.

GAURAV said...

Mr chawla u hv no defence and hv fekt hurt>

saibala99 said...
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ashutosh said...

Prabhu you are showing yourself mr. clean to proof this please give back your Padmshree and step down from the job till inquiry comes to a result.
read the wordings of tape and see mirror you will find yourself guilty.

manish said...

I Listend this debate and your tape as well and I must say that you are deeply rooted into it. I saw almost all the debate and Seedhi baat program and have a thoght that you are rude in giving the oppurtunity to other to present and thougt pron you are the honest guy but sorry we lost the faith.