Saturday, June 28, 2008

Retirement Blues/Power&Politics/Mail Today-June 23,2008

LIKE MOST politicians, there are some bureaucrats and judges who never get to enjoy retirement. One of them, Justice VBalakrishna Eradi, will finally get his due. Eradi was appointed by the Rajiv Gandhi government in 1986 to head the commission to look into the sharing of the Ravi Beas river waters between Punjab and Haryana. He retired from the Supreme Court the next year but concurrently chaired the National Consumer Redressal Forum besides acouple of other inquiry commissions. Since then, governments, presidents and prime ministers have come and gone and much water has flowed down the Ravi- Beas. Yet, asolution to the vexed water dispute seems as elusive now as when the Honourable Judge set out to broker truce. Twenty two years on, Eradi has decided to pack his bags and take some well earned rest. At 86, he deserves it. Like him, there are several retirees heading commissions. They have the comforts of abungalow in Lutyen’s Delhi, cars, liveried staff. Not a day goes by without the papers informing us about yet another commission being given another extension. It’s another matter that their reports never see the light of day. Like the Honourable Eradi, these gentlemen should gracefully take awalk into the sunset instead of being adrain on the government.

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