Monday, June 2, 2008

The last time Gujjars took to the streets

IT is the job of an Opposition party to pillory the government when things go wrong. Which is what the Congress did in Rajasthan. But is there agang up in the BJP too, that feels Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia should be asked to pay amore personal price for the chaos in the state that has left dozens dead in caste riots? The mysterious silence in the party would suggest so. Late last week, as Gujjar protesters from Rajasthan spread out to Delhi, Raje tried to get in touch with her party colleagues in New Delhi and found nobody was even taking her call. They were all busy celebrating Yeddyurappa’s impending coronation in Bangalore. It was after about two days that the party sent Gopinath Munde, Kalraj Mishra and spokesman Prakash Javedkar as if to tell her “we are with you”. The last time Gujjars took to the streets a year ago, she flaunted her daughter- in- law, aGujjar, to prove her neutral credentials. This time, even the girl opted for silence leaving the saas very worried. Elections are due in the state later this year and the BJP has to keep up the momentum of the last few months. Raje’s race up the leadership ladder was spectacular but will her fall be as swift? ?Will she be sacrificed? That may not be easy as agood majority of the BJP MLAs in the state have given the thumbs up to her firmness in dealing with the crisis. One of the lessons that Raje learnt early on in administration is not to compromise as it leads to regrets later. It should come as no surprise if she calls alegislators party meeting to reaffirm faith in her leadership, effectively closing all options for the party high command.

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