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Teekhi Baat with Rajiv Pratap Rudy_IBN7_July 20, 2013

Interview with Bharatiya Janta Party general secretary Rajiv Pratap Rudy for Teekhi Baat on IBN7 

Hello! I am Prabhu Chawla and our guest for today on Teekhi Baat is Bharatiya Janta Party’s general secretary Mr. Rudy. Purposely am not taking your full name.
RPR:  Fine
PC: Because I can see some ‘feekapan’
RPR: I have a good name, Rajiv Pratap Singh.
PC: One gets confused because one cannot see ideological difference between your party and Rajiv Gandhi’s party. That is why I didn’t use Rajiv. It seems currently there is an identity crisis in the your party. You are Hindu nationalist, nationalist Hindu, who are you.
RPR: I know where you are going
PC: Am asking straight, today Rajiv Pratap Rudy is a Hindu nationalist or not
RPR: It is matter of pride to be nationalist; we are all Hindu ‘Rashtravadi’ in Hindustan
PC: You too are Hindu nationalist like Modi
RPR: We all, I am.
PC: Which means those except for Hindu are not nationalist
RPR: That is your understanding.
PC: I have asked a question
RPR: I think everybody in the country is a citizen according to the constitution of the country. And if anybody says Hindu Nationalist, you are talking about Mumbai posters
PC: You people are saying Modi said he is Hindu nationalist because he was born in Hindu family. What is the difference between nationalist Hindu and Hindu nationalist?
RPR: It is a very tough question; I would not be able to answer it. I think if journalists describe and brief the country it would be better.
PC: I am asking a question, I understood nationalist Hindu, but not Hindu nationalist.
RPR: The aim to say this is that in the politics of the country today, things have gone astray, and whenever BJP keeps an issue before the country, it gets twisted. When we talk of hurling the national flag at Lal Chowk in Srinagar, then people say we are divisive, when we speak against incursions in the country, INDT Act,or when Pakistan beheads our soldiers, or when we tell that terrorists were killed in the encounter at Batla House we are called as ‘algaav-vaadi’. National parties and many other parties run such campaigns against us in one word, hence we also to send message by using words and phrases to send message to people one has to use such words.  
PC: All this issue are related to Pakistan, more or less, it seems. When you call yourselves Hindu nationalist, because I think I am nationalist Hindu. Because “Hindu nationalist’ means means one who is not Hindu cannot be nationalist, isn’t it?
RPR: We and even the Court has talked about what is Hindutva, it is a way of life. And when we talk about Hindu nationalism, it is the same. People like you and our friends in the Congress, describe and explain and want to open a division.
PC: You have no other issue. You say Hindu Nationalist, but even Hindu cannot be nationalist, because there are Hindus who are in jail on terror charges.
RPR: You are moving away from the issue by saying this. We are all nationalist, even Hindus who stay in this country and people staying in Bharat, Hindustan are all nationalists. You are free to explain and describe it the way you want to.
PC: You said Hindu Rashtrawadi, it seems Modi is dictating your party agenda, you language. He talked regarding ‘burkha’ of secularism, what was the problem if he used the word ‘ghoonghat’.
RPR:  He used the word burkha, if he would have used some other word… I feel Bihar’s chief minister has made Narendra Modi the leader of Bihar. In the same manner, thank you, you are making our work easier, the more you comment on Narendra Modiji, the people of the country after listening to you all and the Congress party, would stand with us.
PC: You feel we are making him popular
RPR: You are not making him popular, the poison that comes our form the tongues or you all, people are seeing that poison. And other politicians like us are also affected and trying to understand what is your obsession. Narendrabhai is chief minister of a state, Bharatiya Janta Party has made him campaign committee chief, your and everybody else’s opposition, there is no difference between your and Nitish Kumarji’s words.
PC: If I start taking you list if speeches of BJP leaders from Bihar, Jharkhand and start reading, one will be able to see what you had almost spoken praises of Nitish Kumar, almost referring him to the level of Atal Bihari. You people started called him “ Vikas Purush” , I had told you once that he is your Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Now suddenly, your feel Nitish Kumarji is not a bad.
RPR: We never said bad, you say because you are free. Till yesterday, Nitish Kumarji was with us, the Bharatiya Janta Party, he was under cover of 93 BJP people and doing his politics. When that bunch came our, he is running government independently, what is his strength, but earlier we had decided to defend him and let him be at the forefront.  Hon. Chief minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumarji was votes of one limited section of society.
PC: You got to know this two months ago
RPR: We knew this already but it took some time, and Nitish Kumarji’s hate because he wants to be on ‘that chair’, and when he saw Narendra Modiji’s campaign in Bihar, and that too from a person who is from OBC, and today in Bihar, everybody, even in villages knows the name of Narendra Modi. From Tamil Nadu, Kanyakumari to Kashmir, you have made our work easier, keep on campaigning his name, thank you very much.
PC: The new order is if one has to be in BJP, one has to praise Modi. Because the Modi whom you didn’t allow to come to Bihar on the opinion of Nitish Kumar, you did not let him campaign, you all insulted him so much, be it Sushil Kumar Modi, or other leaders of Bihar, when Nitish Kumar used to say Modi would not come, you people used to say not at all.
RPR: We would have to tell people we faulted, and we will have to improve our mistake.
PC: You think he is becoming popular
RPR: Modiji has already become popular.
PC: Then why don’t you announce him as Prime Ministerial candidate, if he is so popular
RPR: You suggestion is good
PC: Am asking a question, why don’t you do it
RPR: If I was to do it, I would have told you now.
PC: No but …
RPR: Prabhuji, we are moving in that direction, why are you worried. What do you want
PC: I say you announce somebody, anybody whom you want to
RPR: We will do it, your suggestion is good, party people are watching, they would decide.  
PC: You mean nobody other than Modi can become PM candidate
RPR: That we have to decide. Which we would not do because you asked or told us
PC: I am asking you, it hasn’t been decided till now?
RPR: It has been decided.
PC: Without him Rajiv Pratap Rudy cannot win elections in Bihar
RPR: Certainly, the person who becomes, his influence extends to the constituency and adds up. Be it Rajnathji, Advaniji, Sushmaji, the benefit is of the BJP. People are expecting that one face of the BJP should be seen all over India, people feel that Narendra Modi should be in charge. And if we had done it than a big transformation in the country
PC: Who would come with him? One party left after he was brought in
RPR:  There were many people with us in 2004, 2009,
PC: From 2004 to 2013, many have left, nobody came
RPR: We saw that the recipe of 2004, 2009 was not successful. We toed the middle line, we were at 183 and came down to 143, then 116, now the people of the country have to be given an alternative. On the one had the man is known for his administrative skills, on the other his is chief minister, from our party, the BJP, party decided to appoint him as campaign committee chief.
PC: Before him there have been campaign committee chief’s who could not become Prime Minister’s.
RPR: Why all of you are restless by his name?
PC: The Rajiv Pratap Rudy who used to praise Nitish Kumar a year ago, today is praising Modi. I will run your tape someday
RPR: Do that
PC: There has been a change of heart, earlier he was not allowed to come to Bihar, were you scared of Nitish then
RPR: We never feared, but we were with the opinion of the party. Do you think I should be independent and relinquish my membership because of you.
PC: You say Modi is big leader, there is no Sushma, Arun Jaitley, Rajnath, you said Modi is the only biggest leader
RPR : That is what you are saying.
PC: I asked can Modi become PM, you said yes, I asked whether anybody else can, you didn’t take any name
RPR: Now that there is no discussion on any name, if you tell something, should I take
PC: It is decided that Modiji will become PM candidate
RPR: It has been decided.
PC: In Bihar, it seems your are opposing for the sake of opposing, till you were in government it was all right, now you blame them for everything. In Bodhgaya, a statement came that it was a terrorist attack, after that it was known that it was some other attack. On the issue of children, you say they are not showing sensitivity. Is it necessary for VVIP’s to go there?
RPR: What you are saying is certainly right and I think Nitishji would be very happy after listening to you. But when you and me are standing together, there should be concurrence and administration runs with concurrence. Today in Bihar, there is no concurrence of Hon. chief minister Nitish Kumarji.
PC: Earlier he had
RPR: Certaily, with BJP’s support and cover.
PC: Not strength but propaganda
RPR: No, it was strength. When we were supporting them with 93 MLA’s, even their party MLA’s used to feel that BJP is standing with strength by us. Today they are free
PC: But they didn’t win with your support, they have won 123 seats on their own
RPR: Today we have strength. Now one month afterwards, he is running the administration on his strength, he is showing his qualities. When we were there It was a joint effort. Bullets are fired in Motihari, 23 children suffer and die in Chhapra, and it would be the first chief minister, before even the number of dead is ascertained, the chief minister announced Rs. 2 lakh compensation. Now Prabhu Chawla feels I should not say anything on these things, a bomb explodes in Gaya, Prabhu Chawlaji feels I should not say anything because till yesterday we were together. But today we are the opposition and plying the opposition role. And we will come to power in Bihar, we are finding a way for that. An in Maharajganj elections, the public gave message to BJP, we had said on Maharajganj elections, BJP needs Narendra Modi as much as JD(U), and it turned out to be true. Their (JDU) candidates lost by 1.25 lakh votes.
PC: You
RPR: People said separate; otherwise you too would meet the same fate.  
PC: People were voting for Laloo
RPR: When people demanded Nitish Kumar should come to villages, he didn’t go, after Chappra incident, he has no courage to go.
PC: In Maharajganj have BJP workers voted for Laloo’s party or no
RPR: Workers didn’t vote, people send a message to BJP, if your are with JDU for long time, what will happen, and we corrected our selves. And BJP will win in a big way in parliamentary constituencies in 2014, and in 2015, if you have pen and paper, and other people in the studio, can note, in 2015, there will be BJP government in Bihar. And we will get a good government.
PC: In Bihar, the improvement in agriculture, social sector has been better than Gujarat.
RPR:  Our leadership has the consistency in delivering, in Gujarat, he has become chief minister the third time, and our government has formed the fifth time. And the average output of agriculture, be it Madhya Pradesh, it is better than national average. We have increased in Bihar, but who was the state’s finance minister, our leader Sushil Kumar Modi. Hence, the financials, development plan roadmap was decided by him.
PC: Revenue has not increased
RPR: You economics is good, development has happened, but revenue has not increased
 PC: Which industry came, how many roads were made
RPR: roads were made.
PC: Except for Patna, how many roads were made, in comparison with Gujarat.
RPR: Why should we compared with Gujarat.
PC: Because Modi is your role model
RPR: We will do after 2015 elections
PC: Now to oppose you are opposing and making villain our of Nitish Kumar
RPR: In Bihar, there is no difference between the face of Laloo Yadav and Nitish Kumar.
PC: Because you have separated
RPR: We separated at the right time;
PC: You have hopes on Narendra Modi
RPR: Not me, everybody has decided that leadership would go into Narendra Modi’s hands. We have confidence and would go ahead, you can comment whatever you want. And all discussions would benefit him, because all of you spew poison in his name.
PC: There is no ‘vish’ but vishkamna
RPR: A person who is a nationalist,
PC: You mean others are not nationalist,
RPR: Even others are nationalist, but there are Congress leaders who address Osama Bin Laden as Osamaji.
PC: And people who are Miyaji are they nationalist
RPR: And Osama Bin Laden becomes Osamaji
PC: Do you like the kind of language used in politics today, be it from both sides
RPR: That is a different debate what language is there and what it should be, whether we are really successful in a democracy or not.
PC: Atal Bihari Vajpayee has been Prime Minister, have you seen anybody use works like burka, pilla kutteka,
RPR: If he said it was a deer, you would have said why deer word was used, if he said cat, you would hav said why cat was used.
PC: But talked about somebody dying, but you attacked Rajiv Gandhi so much when he said that when a giant three falls, the earth shakes.
RPR: How soft hearted is Narndra Modiji that he said that somebody is sitting in the rear seat of vehicle, and a puppy comes under the wheels of the car. You don’t understand the pain, but you people have poisoned mind like Congressmen, that you infer so many other sings, which society, which people, who thinks all this?
PC: You have said, you are new in politics, when Shah
RPR: 25 years, I became an MLA at the age of 26, I am in active politics for 25 years, and I am new in politics, and you will tell me politics.
PC: Let me recall, when Shahbuddin said I am a Muslim Indian, then you party had climbed on his neck, that he is communal, that he is communal. Am saying this because you are new in the party, you would not remember this. Your parties said remove him from the country. But when you talk of Hindu nationalist, you say we are right. People are saying, not me, that you are using these words to divide people.
RPR: Neither people are speaking against the BJP, nor Narendra Modiji, only Prabhu Chawla and people like him are speaking, in 2014, people are standing with Narendrabhai. Everybody in the country, youth, businessmen are with
PC: People say businessmen are behind it, now you yourself say it
RPR: Today there was ASSOCHAM meet, Rajnath Singhji was there
PC: PM Manmohan Singh was also there
RPR: He is the only economist Prime Minister in the whole world, nobody else is and he has got India’s GDP to 5 per cent.
PC: But your party kept quiet when gas prices were increased, prices were doubled, you didn’t speak at all.
RPR: You tell about this thing
PC: Your party said nothing, we are studying is what one of your leaders said. Which means you are yourself hand in clove with businessmen. Now, youth are being made in charge of states, Amit Shah was made in charge in Uttar Pradesh, your in Bihar
RPR: Am in Maharashtra
PC: But you are active in Bihar
RPR: Yes, am continuously working in Bihar. Like I was there when the children died, I keep on going there.
PC: But you would want to become elections in charge there
RPR: A person hailing from the state I not given the responsibility of the same state
PC: Wont you be projected as Bihar Chief minster
RPR: No, we will contest next elections in Bihar under Sushil Modi’s leadership.
PC: He will be made chief minister
RPR: There should be no doubt about that
PC: You are not chief ministerial candidate
RPR: Certainly now.
PC: You will go as Modi’s Hanuman
RPR: As per party’s decision we will work towards Prime Ministerial seat for Narendra Modiji.
PC: Thank you for coming to our studio

RPR: Thank you !! 

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