Monday, May 6, 2013

Teekhi Baat with Manish Tewari / IBN 7 May 04, 2013

"The Congress will get the people’s mandate in Karnataka", says Union minister and Congress leader Manish Tewari.

Don’t you think the government is in danger from all sides?
If you would have asked me this question after the Karnataka election results, then you would have got the answer yourself. From the past nine years, we have given a stable government to the country. And if you evaluate any government on political stability, communal harmony, internal security, economic development, foreign policy, our government has delivered.
Ashwani Kumar, Bansalji or Sajjan, Congress is in trouble due to Punjabis. Has Punjab become a liability?
The test of perception is when people take a decision. And it will be revealed on May 8, when Karnataka’s Assembly results are declared.
In Uttarakhand, you lost all local elections, which means the issue of perception is there.
The local municipality and zilla parishad elections are contested on different issues.
In Karnataka they are not voting to choose the Prime Minister.
When BJP loses an election, they say they lost due to local issues. If they win, they said it happened due to national issue.
There are so many people who come from Pakistan and make money here. Did anybody speak in favour of India when heads of Indian soldiers were chopped off?
I want to ask you, Sarabjit Singhji was arrested in 1990. In 1998 the NDA government was formed, when Vajpayeesaab started bus service to Lahore, was the issue of Sarabjit Singh on the agenda? In 2001when Musharaff saab came to Agra?
Vajpayee government took small steps like stopping their air lines and use of air space, stopped visa. You too did that for two days.
The same government provided guest-like treatment to terrorists and transported them to Kandahar.
He took some measures.
The whole defence forces of India were mobilised for operation Parakram, and then without making a noise, they were withdrawn. NDA has done a huge loss of India’s coercive diplomacy.
You want people to come 19 km inside out territory, people to behead our soldiers? How long shall you the parties politicise this issue?
On China, there is a Line of Actual Control, along with which there is a perception line, which we and China consider as the border. And many times, we go to our perception line and they come till their perception line.
You feel there is no need for military action for Pakistan and China?
It is not in any country’s interest that a war breaks out.
Elections are slated in 2014. Ashwani Kumar and Pawan Bansal have had a clean record. For the first time they have faced allegations. Don’t you feel somebody should sacrifice to save the party’s image?
As far as 2014 elections in Punjab are concerned, Congress seats would increase due to problem of Akali Dal and BJP.
Do you feel that your party will form government in Karnataka?
In Karnataka people will give us a stable mandate.
But where do you have leaders in Karnataka?
There is Moily saab, Krishna saab, Rammiah, Mallikarjun Kharge, Oscar Fernandes...
If you don’t get majority there, who would you hold responsible? In UP you lost under Rahulji
The Congress leadership and took responsibility in Uttar Pradesh for debacle. In Karnataka, Congress will get majority.

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