Monday, March 11, 2013

Teekhi Baat with Anna Hazare/IBN7/ March 09, 2013

We will not support people who contest elections’

Noted social reformer and anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare speaks to IBN7 on Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal, his new andolan Janatantra Morcha and a slew of other issues during Teekhi Baat  Excerpts:
Didn’t you say that you don’t agree with this Lokpal Bill which is to come now?
Yes, the Bill is not right. A Lokpal bill should end corruption and poor people must get justice.
You don’t accept it.
Certainly not.
Your associate Kiran Bedi says that she agreed with the Bill.
Kiranji said the Bill is good after reading the content of the Select Committee Report. But the decision that the Cabinet took after Select Committee that they will not include class one, two, three and four is wrong. These officials are connected with the poor people and their issues.

But Kiran Bedi has not changed her statement since then.
She said later that she did not know this. Now Kiranji is not saying that the Bill is 100 per cent correct.
Arvind got into politics, formed Aam Aadmi Party. He was an honest officer who worked with you. Is his decision to get into politics the only reason for his split with you, or is there some other reason too?
This is the only reason. He wanted to take the path of politics and I do not like it. Because I believe that the difference that an ‘andolan’ can make cannot be brought about by any political party. Today 65 years after Independence, we can say that we got it due to ‘andolan.’
Are you giving a new look to the protest?
It is a struggle and hence we are giving it a new look.
What name would it have?
Janatantra Morcha. It will not fight any elections or form a political party. Its main objective would be struggle.
If Kiran Bedi from you team contests elections, what would you do?
We will not support people who contest elections.
If Kiran contests elections, you will not keep any relations with her.
We will not extend support to her. We will have no relations with her.
Hence, people with you will not join any party.
People, who join any party, will not be with us.

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