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Teekhi Baat with Digvijay Singh/IBN7/January 26, 2013

'I am of the opinion that Afzal Guru should be hanged at the earliest'

There should be time-bound decisions on mercy petitions sent to the President, Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh says during Teekhi Baat on IBN7. Excerpts:

Why do the Congress and BJP make terrorism a political issue?

Our fight is about ideology and not against some organisation. But it is against any organisation which is instigating Hindus, Muslims or Sikhs. Such organisations are a threat to the social fabric.
But what was the need for the home minister to take ‘Hindu’ name while referring to terrorism? Chidambaram, as home minister, also had said something similar.
Terrorism is neither Hindu nor Islamic.
So you feel that even to use the term ‘Jihadi terror’ is wrong?
It is wrong to use the terms Jihadi terror, Islamic terror, Hindu terror and Sikh terror.
Certainly, there is no terror in the name of religion.  But the home minister, despite being a responsible person, said the same.
He committed a folly by saying Hindu terror. Chidambaram was at fault in saying saffron terror. There is no colour for terror.
The former home minister uses the term ‘saffron terror,’ and the incumbent home minister said Hindu. Do the babus draft the statements of the minister?
Our fight is against fundamentalism. And I say this because most of the people caught in terrorist activities are from the state of Madhya Pradesh.
Four or five people...
Many are from Madhya Pradesh. Sunil Joshi...
Who was murdered...
He was a Sangh Pracharak, he was murdered by the Sangh people. It is a matter of investigation at whose behest he was murdered. BJP asks us to apologise, but Advaniji takes a delegation to meet the Prime Minister demanding release people who have been arrested for their links to terror activities. Rajnath Singhji goes to jail to meet Sadhvi Pragya.
The charges against them are political...
No, she faces charges related to terrorism.
No, a full chargesheet has not been filed for three years now. In Samjhauta Express blasts, first the home minister said that the LeT had a hand in the incident. even now a FBI statement is on similar lines
I am not a representative of FBI, nor should you trust what the FBI says in this matter.
Why the government is not taking a decision on Afzal Guru case?
It should be done.
His mercy petition was rejected. You  sent it again for review.
I feel that there should be a time-bound decision on mercy petitions sent to the President.  I am of the opinion that Afzal Guru should be hanged at the earliest.
It seems that your government is slanting towards the rich, taxing the poor and not the rich. Which means party is pro-poor and government is pro-rich. Isn’t that a contradiction?
There is no such contradiction. We have collected four five times more tax than the previous government.
At the Chintan Shivir, the whole effort was to make Rahul Gandhi vice-president.
It is not so, why do you forget there is no dynastic rule in a democracy?
I saw senior leaders standing in a line before Rahul Gandhi.
A vice-president of the party has been appointed, he is above us.
Not like this by standing in a line.
We welcomed him by standing in a line.
What is Rahul Gandhi’s vision? Can you tell me in one sentence?.
Congress party’s vision is his vision. Rahul Gandhi’s vision is what the Congress party’s vision is.
Without a Gandhi, can Congress win?
This is a hypothetical question, but the Congress party’s basic strength, from Mahatma Gandhi’s time, which Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru took forward, is its secularism and left-of-centre policies.

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