Monday, September 27, 2010

Seedhi Baat/ Aajtak, September 26, 2010

International president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Ashok Singhal says in Seedhi Baat that all the parties involved in the Ayodhya dispute should welcome the court's decision and further adds that the ultimate decision rests with the government in the matter.

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Minakshi said...

Over decades the Ayodhya issue is going on and there are such more to come with hardly any solid outcome.

September 30 is going to witness the decision over the issue. Everybody related/unrelated to the issue is looking for some perfect judgement but I want to repeat my opinion that either the Judiciary will not be able to do so or the Parties to the issue will never ever let it do so. (I am not pessimistic but the reality is before everyone).

Although since long we studied that Judiciary is an INDEPENDENT body to provide justice but seeing all these one can't say so. Especially in Ayodhya case, all witnessed that how the respectable body is postponing the judgement day. Nobody knows why it is happening? Starting from 24th then 28th and now the big day supposed to be due will be 30th September 2010.

I simply don't want to believe any party/special community who are saying that they will abide by the decision of the Court. As again according to the situation they will change their voice. Every party (to the issue) has its own reason either for getting Ram Mandir to be built up or demolished Babri Masjid to be re-built up. And last but not the least encashing it forever for their own means - be it BJP or Congress or VHP or Other Muslim Communities. They have got the issue like SANJEEVANI for their OWN benefits.

I think the solution lies with "everyone" attached to it and they know well also. The Court should go to the spot with Archelogical team along with all the "parties", to check and put seal on the claim of those who found correct after getting it verified by the team. Everybody knows the history related to this but then also for peace in the country, the Court have to go out of the way to settle the issue. As many says that out of court settlement can also be made possible but I don't think that that will ever happen as the tensions between these two communities can't let it happen. The issue has already been so highly sensitivized that neither hard core action is good for the country's health nor lingering it more is affordable.

Every party (to the issue) should look for one full and final solution.

As "aam adami" these are opinions.

Thanks and regards,

Minakshi Karan