Monday, May 18, 2009

Seedhi Baat/ Aajtak, May 17, 2009

'Ups and downs are a part of politics'

In an interview on Seedhi Baat, BJP president Rajnath Singh says the party accepts defeat and will review the situation.

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'राजनीति में उतार-चढ़ाव आते रहते हैं'

आज तक के कार्यक्रम सीधी-बात में बीजेपी अध्‍यक्ष राजनाथ सिंह ने कहा है कि राजनीति में हार-जीत का सिलसिला चलता रहता है और उनकी पार्टी भविष्‍य की जीत को लेकर पूरी तरह आश्‍वस्‍त ह.


sunil said...

Dear Sir,

I am you old fan. What Mr. Singh said is correct not only for politics but life too. Mr. Singh was eyeing the post of leader oppostion but due to circuimstances the "iron man" got meletd and no choice but to wait for Mr. Singh as Mr. Joshi got too excited and coul`d not wait for 2-3 more days. So my sympathy is with Mr. Singh "life is a long journey UPs and Downs are part of life. But we can see career graph of Mr. Singh (Rajnath) it is great. Just go about 15 years back, in 1995 Kalyan Singh was CM of UP and Mr. Singh was just Education minister ("read it again", education minister of a state government)But it is "politics" which boosted his career. Now you can where is Mr. Kalyan Singh and where is Mr. Rajnath Singh.
What is the main reason of NDA poor show? In my view it was absence of two persons, 1st Mr. AB Vajpayee and second Mr. Pramod Mahajan.

I, Me, Myself ! said...

I think one of the main reasons for the victory of Congress is BJP itself!!

Clearly, the Prime Minister seems to have emerged as victorious in the “weak” vs “strong” leader debate. Though I still think the office of the Prime Minister lost its traditional sheen and importance, the message was not effectively conveyed. People did not like the fact that someone like Manmohan Singh is being criticised in a language not acceptable to them. And Advani’s previous record and his flip-flop did not help either.

Advani did not have the kind of image that Vajpayee possessed (discussed in detail in my first blog ). His constant attempts to come off as a person that he is actually not, did not pay off at all. Narendra Modi did not seem to enjoy the pan-india image that the BJP hoped he would have. His popularity is restricted to Gujarat so far.

The BJP concentrated more on reaching out to its cadre and activists than compared to the average voter. Varun Gandhi’s hate speech made sure they lost lakhs of votes, and more importantly the damage done to the image of BJP is just irreparable. So much so, that the relevance of the ideology of BJP is being questioned. Though the speeches of leaders talked about development achieved in various BJP ruled states, the message did not go out on a national level, partly because the media too was keen only on reporting sensational matters.

While it is too premature to write off the BJP completely, they have an uphill task to achieve before even thinking of returning to power. For starters, they have to behave like a very responsible opposition. No more blocking of proceedings, and no more boycotting of sittings. Only when the people of the country see and know their views on various issues will they start to take them more seriously again. Next, they seriously have to start looking for their next Vajpayee and Mahajan. I am consciously not mentioning Advani here. Mahajan has the organisational abilities of Advani but does not carry his hardliner image. That is very crucial for the BJP. They need a young leader who can be projected as an icon. Only when that search ends successfully will they be able to rise back to their earlier prominence. Tough luck until then!

Mrityunjay Singh said...

Hi sir,

Today no party have no agenda all are hungry for chair nothing else. In election i haven't listen about progress of country from any leader. all politician talk about rubiaa issue, khandar, bofors.......etc. I think these are not issue today if any leader want to do for this country then go and ask these issue from any villagers he got suitable answer. Because he know what is roti, kapdaa etc.... national security is important but you never overlook ground issues like electricity, roads etc..... In this country politician are god as they think.. how many of 543 MPs know about country and culture of India. They just know how to seated on golden chair..they are so many example- Lalu prasad yadav, mulayam singh, mayawati, sibu soren and many more all know even CBI know they are corrupted but no one take any strong action against them... This is the politics of India.......log sahi kahete kuch nahi ho saktaa es desh kaa. I liked your seedhi baat program that is to good.