Monday, October 13, 2008

Seedhi Baat / Aajtak, October12, 2008

'I am doing what leaders haven't'

Baba Ramdev says on Seedhi Baat that political leadership of the country has failed to do enough to fight terrorism, corruption and pollution.

watch video: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5


sunil kumar said...

mr. chawala saw your seedhi baat wit mr. katiyar, looks u more a advocate for the babri lawyer. please stop hindu bashing its not going to get u anywhere.

narender said...

mr. chawla saw your seedhi baat with mr. katiyar and feel that you working as the spokesman of the muslims.Do you know in India most of the mosques made in recent times are being made by encroaching govt. land and after that they are making markets in the name of waqf board (for example, one mosque in the process just in front of town hall in delhi).If you have so much power of thinking can you stop them from doing these practices. just do only one thing ,make or re-establish only one mandir in pakistan. you just shout on ghodhra kaand but dont want to talk on innocent people killed in the fire of that train in which karsevak were going to Ayoodhya.Do you know in most of the muslim establishments, no hindu can get job just because of his/her religion.
please think over it and ask them too

abhigyan said...

hey mr. pravu u act more like an advocate rather than a reporter. do you think that people from abroad(muslims)come and settle over here play games with us and we will comprise with them, y dont you go to all muslim countries and ask them to compromise with u. there is no point in giving govt the right to take decision for ram mandir, becoz no politicians come over there to take a darshan. it is the public for whom ram mandir exist. agar itna he tumko samjho ta karni he to jao aur kisi bbhi muslim country mein apna ek ram mandir khulwa do.