Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ask Prabhu

Should India opt for the US election system?
India needs a presidential form of government with strong state governments as well.
Why is India so averse to third party mediation in Kashmir? If we are so sure of our legitimacy, why should we worry?
Will Pakistan invite a third party for dealing with Baluchistan and Sindh?
Is Rahul Gandhi the Obama of India?
No. Rahul has an advantage of pedigree while Obama has no such luck.
I had sent you some information on the illegal Indian landline phones working in Nepal, but it seems you have not taken any action.
It is being investigated.
Will you accept the job of prime minister? If yes, will you be a better candidate than your predecessors?
I don't think about the job for which I am neither a candidate nor anyone has offered me so far.
Is it possible to balance life in today's competitive world?
Why not? Must compete for good work at workplace and at home as well.
What is Bihar and UP doing to improve the quality of life of their citizens so that they do not have to migrate outside their states?
Both are planning big infrastructure projects in their states which will generate employment.
Do we have IT BT job-cut threats from Obama?
If he implements his speeches then Indians involved in IT BT jobs are heading for a serious trouble.
According to you, what is the solution to the Kashmir issue? I think even if we gift Kashmir to Pakistan, the latter has come so far in spreading terrorism that it cannot stop it.
The only solution is to accept LoC as the international border and give more autonomy to the J&K government.
Why aren't parochial feelings nipped in the bud itself? For example—Karnataka refusing to adhere to SC's directions on the Cauvery dispute, Maharashtra turning a blind eye to Raj's atrocities, etc.
We don't have a strong and decisive leadership both at the state and the central level.
Would Uma Bharati's BJSP make an impact in the upcoming elections in MP? Will it be a great loss for the BJP?
The BJP has lost a mass leader. But her impact on the BJP may not be much and confined only to a few seats.
The BJP says it will adopt the Obama policy. Are you sure?
American model can't be imposed on India due to our cultural and political diversity.
The recent revelations made by Maharashtra ATS establish the nexus between the Army and the Sangh Parivar. However, further digging might prove that someone was punished for somebody else's sins. Who then would believe its propaganda?
It is matter of concern for all of us. We will soon get all the facts.
Will you call the FM or the PM or even the RBI governor on Seedhi Baat to confirm that banks are correctly reporting their position on NPAs? Are they not concealing bad assets just to please our FM?
Your apprehension is right. Our banks are hiding more than what they have revealed.
ATS has become so active in the Malegaon blast case, but it could get nowhere in other blasts. Have the ATS and the press forgotten about the Assam blasts? Is everything guided only by vote-bank politics?
I don't know whether ATS is motivated by vote-bank politics. It is doing its job.

You cover all the possible angles of news related to the people you criticize so that they remain in the headlines. Shouldn't you instead highlight something that is meant for society's welfare?
I don't understand your question. We report facts and our comments are based on factual position.
When India Today published the headline, Impotent India (Aug 11, 2008 issue), on its cover, did you worry that someone in this country will try to prove you wrong? It could be a sadhvi, an Army officer or anybody else.
I still hold the same opinion. Bullet for bullet option is not valour.
Who is your favourite politician?
None amongst the living ones. But I admire Indira Gandhi for her firm conviction and strong leadership.
Is it true that almost all Indian English TV channels have been taken over (controlling stake) by Christian agencies from Europe and the US?
You are living in a world of your own which has no connection with reality and survives on fantasies.
Is Manmohan Singh India's best Sikh ever? Is Montek a slack administrator? Do politicians get paid by the UN and the IMF?
Manmohan Singh is definitely the most successful Sikh in the world.
Has Uttarakhand developed after becoming a separate state when compared to other newly-carved states?
It is doing better now than when it was part of Uttar Pradesh.
Does the arrest of Lt. Col. Purohit show that the army is losing its integrity?
No. Even in the past, the defence officers have been arrested for spying for enemies.
What is your opinion on the performance of the CMs of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan?
Wait for the election results. But both of them have not performed according to their potential.
Why does India Today ignore important news from Orissa? Why is the Orissa CM, Naveen Patnaik, shown only in a positive light?
Please form the opinion only after reading the magazine.
Will Obama's views on the Kashmir issue and his idea of appointing Bill Clinton as the special envoy for Kashmir solve the problem?
I don't think any third person can solve this problem. It has to be dealt by the leadership of India and Pakistan.
The US has got its first black president in the 250 years of its democracy. Will we have to wait equally long to get the country's first Muslim prime minister?
We have a much better record. We had three Muslim presidents, two chief justices and many chief ministers.
Why are the Indonesian Muslims agitating after the execution of the three terrorists? Is it because they support terrorism?
It is their business and could be part of their domestic politics.
Thousands of children are being trafficked from the flood-affected districts in Bihar. Can't we have a strong law to stop it and punish the culprits?
We have very strong laws to deal with such crimes.
There is not much clarity about the RSS as an organisation. We only know what comes in the media and from the statements issued by parties like the Congress. What are your views? Will you do a cover story on the RSS?
We have done so many stories, including a cover story on the RSS.
Earlier, we had seen some Muslims were terrorising the Hindus, and now some Hindus are terrorising the Muslims. Don't you think that India is knocking doors of a civil war?
There is no threat of a civil war as the number of communal riots and fights has declined over the years.

Can India conduct nuclear test in future?
Yes, but it will lose the benefits of Civil Nuclear Agreement.
Why is the government afraid of ordering a judicial probe in the so-called Batla House encounter?
It will set a wrong precedent. Our judiciary will be able to find out the truth when the trial of the case begins.
The UPA wants to ban the RSS and the VHP, but doesn't even think to ban the MNS. Why?
The MNS is dividing the Shiv Sena votes which will help the UPA. A ban on the RSS will fetch them Muslim votes.
Can the US be India's good friend on which it can trust?
The US is a fair weather friend and can be trusted only for mutually beneficial economic and business relationship.
Why are only Biharis being targeted in Maharashtra?
Every north Indian is a Bihari for them like every South Indian is a Madrasi. It is just dirty politics.
Shouldn't Raj Thackeray be charged with treason?
No. But he should be dealt with an iron hand. I am surprised that civil society activists are silent in Maharashtra and behaving like lambs.
Have you read Aravind Adiga's book The White tiger, it's like a simpler non-fictional version of India in Slow Motion by Mark Tully. When will we be able to say 'enough is enough' and get rid of corruption?
Frankly speaking I haven't. India is growing at 8 per cent which is the highest for any democratic country and thrice than that of UK.
Why has India Today stopped conducting surveys on the performance of the Central Government?
Because we have to find some innovative scientific ways of getting it right due to nature of coalition politics.
What is the reason behind the current political instability in India?
I don't see any instability in India. UPA government is going to complete it five year term.
Why didn't the Railways print advertisement related to its exam in the Marathi media in Maharashtra? Since when has our Constitution defined Hindi as the only national language of correspondence?
We follow a three-language formula at the Centre. But all the central government ads are only in Hindi and English.
Why is the Indian government assisting the Sri Lankan government and abetting the genocide of ethnic Tamils in that country?
The Indian government can't intervene in the internal affairs of any other country.
The scientists of India have done a great job by launching Chandrayaan-I to the moon, but they have not mentioned any state name on that rocket. Please comment.
Chandrayaan is a Sanskrit name and quite appropriate, since it means moon craft.
If the N deal does not succeed, who will be responsible? The government or the public?
Why public? They had no role to play in it.
Whom do you rate as India's finest prime minister?
They have been good and bad. But there is no one who could be called the best.
How many languages do you know?
I can write in Hindi and English, and speak in Punjabi, broken Bengali and Gujarati.

If the governments of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra can make their respective state languages mandatory in the state, why can't the Centre make Hindi mandatory in the country?
Central government belongs to the entire country. It has to take into account the sentiments of other states.
Narendra Modi could drag the Nano project to Gujarat successfully and make the land ready for possession in just one week. What is his strength and conviction not seen in other political leaders?
By getting Tata to his state he has also scored a political victory over his secular adversaries.
What's the difference between you and Bal Thackeray?
He roars. I bite. He polishes off a full bottle of wine while I have no such luck.
When was the last time that a government and the media supported a secular principle against the Sharia?
During Shah Bano case in 1986 when Rajiv Gandhi government changed the law to reverse the impact of a judicial verdict.
Why are youths with degrees like Ph.Ds and MBAs still unemployed? What options do they have but to commit suicide or become criminals?
To become self-employed. By the way, MBAs either from ordinary colleges or degree shops could be unemployed because all the IIM graduates get jobs before they complete their courses.
Why don't the media houses publish atrocities done on the so-called forward classes?
I appreciate your anger. But send us a few real examples or cases of atrocities against forward classes.
Why do the police allow criminals to hide their faces from the public and the media despite the fact that they are so dangerous for the society?
It is a legal requirement. No accused can be exposed to public until he or she has been identified by a witness.
The two terrorists recently killed in Kashmir were from Kerala. Isn't the fight in Kashmir becoming a religious war? Why don't our lawmakers take strict actions against it?
Law makers are aware of this but are helpless.
South India is far better than north India. Isn't it time for the south to secede from the north and form its own union?
Do you mean a healthy and wealthy son or daughter should betray the family because others are not as lucky but gave him or her all the support to achieve his objective?
Politicians are targeting the Bajrang Dal and the VHP on one hand and playing vote-bank politics by appeasing Muslims on the other. Can we witness a Hindu backlash in the next general elections?
This is what the BJP expects and the UPA is walking into the trap.
Don't you think that credibility of the news media has gone down after the coverage on Gujarat and Narendra Modi? Aren't media groups interested only in depicting a wrong image of both?
As a responsible media, we have to cover both the best and the worst.
Whenever people start discussing the need for an anti-terror law, the Cong-led UPA government says it may become an instrument for violation of human rights. Whose human rights are they concerned about—those of terrorists or innocent citizens?
Does the government know that? I feel the Congress party is totally confused.
A large part of Hindu society was tolerant for the last 60 years. Now, organisations like Bajrang Dal have evolved from it. Is it because successive governments have failed to prevent atrocities on Hindus due to vote-bank politics?
Hindus are not being threatened as a community in India. Bajrang Dal, etc have just become self-appointed saviours of the Hindus.
Shabana Azmi feels Muslims are ill-treated in India when a few of them couldn't find a house in a certain locality. What will she say now that some Muslims are accused in serial bomb blasts?
She has spoken against terrorism. It is not desirable to deny a home to a person because he or she belongs to a particular community.
Muslims are supposed to be the minority community in India, but they dominate media coverage. What type of secularism is this?
Minority views always get more attention because they have to be heard.

Considering that Indians are not sticklers for discipline and other niceties, Ricky Ponting may be right in claiming that the Indian team and the BCCI mounted a cover-up operation to save Bhajji in the racial abuse row. Please comment.
Australians are no better. I have travelled extensively in Australia and they sometimes cross the limits of civil behaviour with Indians.
The voter turnout was 60 per cent in the J&K assembly polls in 2002, but now the people are up against all the pro-India parties. How do you see the upcoming elections in the state in such a situation?
What do you mean by the pro-India parties? All of them are Indians whether they vote or don't.
Americans are world heroes when they elect a black President. When will we see such enthusiasm in India?
Americans can do it because they speak one language, over 90 per cent follow one religion and they are fully educated.
Though more individualistic than Indians, the Americans are also more nationalistic than Indians. Why?
Because they speak for the country and not for their community, caste and colour.
You had said earlier that the Tatas are one of the finest industrial groups in the world and deserve a favour. It's not true. Please check the corporate social responsibility activities of the Tatas in states from where it gets minerals at very low rates.
These terms of lease were fixed when no one was willing to invest in such areas.
Why is India going down the drain? Why are we so callous and indifferent to all that is happening? Is there any way we are going to be a vibrant and a forward-looking society?
Don't be so pessimistic. We are growing at more than 7 per cent.
Pakistan today is embroiled in internal disharmony. How does this environment affect India's security and what are the options to mitigate the fall out?
A weak Pakistan is not good for India as it would encourage extremist elements.
Is India a developing country or an emerging nation? The latter is good, but the former is an indication of poverty. Is Montek Singh doing a good job? Is the moon mission real?
Yours is three-in-one question. India is an emerging economy.
Was Bill Clinton responsible for terrorism?
It didn't start when he was the President.
Why is the voice of youth missing in India and what's the remedy?
Because they are aren't speaking loudly and forcefully.
Bribery is one of the several obstructions to India's growth. Is there any permanent solution for this?
Bring in stronger laws and stringent punishment for such crimes.
Is it right for the private banks to put money in the mutual funds under the guise of savings?
If the banks are transparent in their business, we should not object.
Has Dilip Vengsarkar the right to comment on Sourav Ganguly's retirement decision?
Why not? He is quite senior and may have his views. It is for you and others to accept or reject them.
Won't the ongoing politics of hate give the Communists a chance to shine with their populist policies?
It may cause social conflicts but there is no chance of a Communist rule in the country.
Is this the right time to buy a house in Mumbai? Will the house price go down in near future?
I have no experience in this area. But I wouldn't invest in a house at this stage.

Indian roads are riddled with holes, ditches, cracks and patchworks while those in developed countries are excellent for travel. Why?
We have roads in potholes because the money goes into the pockets of those who give contracts.
Will India get rid of power cuts forever by signing the nuclear deal with the US and France?
Very unlikely. And nuclear power will not come till 2014.
Do you think the violence in Orissa is politically instigated to project the VHP and the Bajrang Dal as Hindu terror outfits, just like Islamic outfits such as SIMI and HuJI?
If Bajrang Dal is involved in attacking Christians, they should be treated at par with SIMI.
Is nuclear deal the last and the best weapon of the Congress to win in the next parliamentary elections?
It appears so at the moment. They have no other slogan.
The N-deal proves that Manmohan Singh is one of the failures in Indian history. France and China have never entered into such deals. Singh should have drawn wisdom from Iran and North Korea. What is your opinion?
Our Prime Minister claims that India has got a better deal without signing the NPT.
If Bajrang Dal be banned for unleashing communal violence, why not the Congress party for the 1984 communal riots?
Congress as a party was not involved in anti-Sikh riots, but few prominent leaders were accused of arson against the Sikhs.
Today, when the common man is bearing the brunt of fanaticism, why can't people realise that terrorism seeks no religion? Can't they unite instead of raising fingers at each other?
I agree with you.
Amar Singh is supporting the nabbed terrorists and favouring judicial inquiry into Batla House encounter. Please comment.
Amar Singh has the right to express himself. It is for others to take it or leave it.
With a population of 15-20 per cent, why can't Muslims start taking decisions themselves by leaving parties like Congress and SP behind?
I have a feeling that churning has started. Muslims have realised that they can't be used as pawns.
Isn't the media underplaying the atrocities on Christians across the country?
Media is giving it the coverage it deserves and the community seems to be satisfied with it.
If you become the prime minister, what will be your first step for the country?
Please give me a chance and you will see.
I heard the stunning news that three Bangladeshi terrorists were responsible for the recent Tripura blasts. How long will we tolerate all this?
As long as we continue vote-bank politics and politicians keep blaming each other.
M.C.Sharma's family received a nominal amount as compensation from the government. Do you agree that the government rewards sportspersons more than the families of the real heroes who sacrifice their lives for the country?
I agree. Police officers who sacrifice their lives for the country should be handsomely rewarded.
After the Batla House encounter, Shivraj Patil declared it a success, but other ministers like Kapil Sibal and Digvijay Singh labelled it as fake. Who is correct? Muslim Imams of some mosques like Malegaon are also blowing up such encounters.
Many leading personalities have raised questions about the encounter.
Isn't it shameful that Delhi CM Sheila Dixit calls Soumya's night-driving "adventurous"? Will she blame us for going to places where bombs could go off? I think, she needs to take action like Narendra Modi for protecting the people.
Please don't compare her with Modi. While Dixit belongs to the Congress, Modi is a hardcore Hindutva icon.

How can we save the Christians in India?
They should be in a position to convince others that they are not involved in any forcible conversions.
How will you define SIMI in one sentence? What can be done to end its activities in India?
Sentimentally Inspired Misguided Individuals (SIMI).
What is the difference between terrorist activities in Punjab and those in metros of India?
Both are led by misguided and disgruntled leaders in the name of their communities.
Do you think reservation is necessary in higher education and Class I jobs?
I recently came across a software that optimises images, bringing them to a fraction of their original size without any perceptible loss in quality. Why don't you run the images of the current issue through that software before uploading it on the websit
Many thanks for your suggestion.
I am a common man who can only write about the problems we are facing in Assam. Why don't you suggest our leaders in Assam as well as those in Delhi to strive for peace, progress and unity in Assam?
Our leaders are well aware of the serious situation in Assam. I am sure they will soon give up vote-bank politics.
How can you say that the involvement of Muslims in the recent blasts is a mere coincidence? The entire world is now suffering from Islamic terrorism.
Unfortunately, the names of those who have been involved are such that the entire community bears the brunt.
I live in Canada and am currently studying International Crime. My research paper is on 'Crime in India'. Can you tell me the crime that is ranking high as well as the one that is on the decline in India at present?
In India, economic offences are rising very fast while there is sharp decline in minor crimes like theft, etc.
Are you pseudo-secular?
No. I am a nationalist secularist.
Is the BJP fit for secular India?
It has not been officially declared a communal party yet.
Will the collapse of Lehman Brothers affect the Indian stock market?
The Indian stock market has already faced a Tsunami.
What is the future of print media, especially magazines? Which is the largest selling magazine in India?
We are the largest selling news magazine in India. I see a great future for the magazine industry.
Can Bajrang Dal be banned in India?
Why not? If the government has enough evidence against any organisation, it can ban its activities.
Terrorism was eliminated in Punjab due to the determined efforts of the Sikhs to a large extent. Can't all Indian Muslims come together and issue a fatwa to get rid of this menace from our soil?
You are absolutely correct. That is the only way.
I agree it is unfair to label all Muslims as terrorists, but the fact remains that those involved or caught in terror strikes are only Muslims. Shouldn't prominent Muslims or their organizations come out openly against SIMI, IM, etc?
I find more and more Muslims coming out against terrorists.

Shouldn't the media highlight the fact that not all Muslims are terrorists and don't support terrorist acts? Maybe, it will help build confidence between the Hindus and the Muslims.
If more and more credible and prominent Muslims come out against terrorist activities, the media will definitely give them enough space and attention.
Why is that only SIMI, IM and LeT are accused for every blast? Can't it be done by any non-Muslim group? The suspects are declared soon after the blasts. Is it possible?
Suspects can be declared only after a crime is committed. How can someone else be charged for an act which has not taken place?
Why no report has been published on Congress's Salman Khurshid being one of the lawyers for SIMI and one arrested terrorist being the son of a Samajwadi Party leader? Are they not traitors?
News about advocate representing any organization and relationship of terrorists is always carried when the news is broken.
Politicians made a beeline for attending the last rites of Inspector M.C. Sharma, who is the first policeman to lay down his life after the Parliament attack in 2001. One person from the army dies for the motherland every seventh day, but nobody gets the
Please recollect the recognition given by the country to the martyrs of Kargil and other such fights against aggression and terror.
Despite being a national project, the gauge conversion of the Lumding-Silchar railway link has been held to ransom by a small group of people and nothing is being done. Isn't Barak Valley important for the powers-that-be? Can you find out when it will be
I understand your agony. Many such projects in India have been held to ransom by some extremist elements.
Should AK-47 and Trishul be seen in the same light?
Both can kill innocent people if misused.
Christians are providing education and healthcare facilities to all which induces people to convert. Do you consider this a forced conversion?
In a highly divisive atmosphere, rumours play an important role.
Why not consider enabling payments via online account transfer and credit care for Care Today? Thank you very much for your suggestion. We will look into this.
Why don't you give straightforward answers to questions? Please support the Muslims who are good, but are being hounded everywhere in the world.
I give correct answers and not the ones which a person may be expecting.
What is the percentage of Muslims who support terror in India?
Not less than the Hindus in terms of percentage.
How do you compare Bajrang Dal and SIMI?
Both indulge in violent activity, only the degree varies. But, both are not comparable.
Why all the terrorists involved in the blasts are Muslims?
It is just a coincidence.
In reply to a question on covering Assam, you had said it is not prudent to cover floods, illegal immigrants and AASU all the time. However, the time is not far when you will need to cover the state prominently as it will be the hub of Mujahideens.
I am sure such a situation will never arise because of vigilant Assamese leaders like you.
I read in the newspapers that the Home Minister is writing a book on good governance, quoting Chanakya and others. How can he do so after failing miserably to carry out his duties?
A person who is not confident about himself always quotes others. So let him do that.
It is really surprising that you have ranked Kerala at a higher place than it deserves. There is hardly any industrialisation in the state, and around 80 mandays have been lost in strikes till date in 2008.
Kerala, in fact, has dropped in our rankings from No 2 to No 4 during the past four years.

Why don't you visit our troubled state of Assam and get a glimpse of the real problems faced by us?

I have just come back from Assam after addressing the IIT Guwahati. I visited the state almost after 20 years and I find not much progress.
What are the drawbacks in the Aarushi case and who is to be blamed?
Investigative agencies. Both at the state and at the central level.
In an interview on Seedhi Baat, Mehbooba Mufti said 1947 was a religious divide and Kashmir has the right to split from India as it has a Muslim majority. Her statement sounded as if Muslims have no right to live in India. How could you provide a
I appreciate your concern and sympathise with you, but as a journalist, I have to provide a platform to all kinds of leaders irrespective of their views and convictions.
What are the social responsibilities and norms of a business organisation operating within a society?
Business organizations must provide the best working conditions and look after the interests of their employees.
Will the fabulously rich people from the business and film worlds help their fellow countrymen affected by floods in Bihar?
At the moment, all of them are travelling abroad. Let us wait for them to return and see the misery of the people of Bihar.
With the present set of politicians in India, is it possible for us to revamp and revive sports like China or say Britain has done?
Have you noticed the complete Christianisation of Bollywood eversince the Congress came to power? All religious symbols shown in Hindi movies are Christian. How shameful to see Hindu and Muslim actors, producers and directors allowing themselves to be use
Why do you look at entertainment as a medium for creating religious divide? Treat them as pure fun and enjoy.
It seems Raj Thackeray and his MNS are running a parallel government in Maharashtra and the state government is watching as a silent spectator. Will it not have a dangerous impact on other states?
Raj Thackeray is not running a parallel government, but it is the state government which is afraid of taking any action against him.
How do you claim India is a true democracy when everything here is corrupt?
Tell me any democracy including the United States of America where there is no corruption.
Indira Gandhi purposely left behind a bunch of spineless, sycophant and incompetent politicians at the top in the Congress. Don’t you think we are just paying a price for their incompetence?
Sycophancy is a very strong and surest way to success in politics. Since leaders now own the parties either as a cabal or as a family, they are insecure about other equally successful individuals.
I saw in a TV channel that the wire of a CC TV was cut and the TV was not working. This was barely 100 feet away from the blast site. It could have provided vital information on the blast. Who is responsible? God save India!
God is kind to the Indians. We blame others for our own faults. But in this particular case, the culprits may have snapped the connection just before the blast.
When Ram Vilas Paswan, Lalu Yadav and Mulayam Yadav give statements in favour of SIMI, how can we expect that the government will take any strong action against SIMI?
It is vote-bank politics. These leaders have not realised the extent of damage they have caused.
What’s the level of India’s tolerance? Can’t something concrete be done about it?
We Indians have limitless patience. But when we rise as one-India then even the Almighty may surrender to our collective power.
Don’t you think SIMI is only retaliating to whatever the VHP and the RSS have done to them in the past? How can we only blame them for all these incidents and glorify people like Modi?
I totally disapprove of their actions which lead to communal disharmony. But you can’t equate them with SIMI which bombs innocent people all over the country.
Don’t you think the Congress and its allies are responsible for terrorism in this country and only Narendra Modi can save the country from terror attacks?
Individuals can’t solve a problem alone. Only institutions led by strong leaders can

Indira Gandhi purposely left behind a bunch of spineless, sycophant and incompetent politicians at the top in the Congress. Don’t you think we are just paying a price for their incompetence?
Sycophancy is a very strong and surest way to success in politics. Since leaders now own the parties either as a cabal or as a family, they are insecure about other equally successful individuals.

I saw in a TV channel that the wire of a CC TV was cut and the TV was not working. This was barely 100 feet away from the blast site. It could have provided vital information on the blast. Who is responsible? God save India!

God is kind to the Indians. We blame others for our own faults. But in this particular case, the culprits may have snapped the connection just before the blast.

When Ram Vilas Paswan, Lalu Yadav and Mulayam Yadav give statements in favour of SIMI, how can we expect that the government will take any strong action against SIMI?

It is vote-bank politics. These leaders have not realised the extent of damage they have caused.

What’s the level of India’s tolerance? Can’t something concrete be done about it?

We Indians have limitless patience. But when we rise as one-India then even the Almighty may surrender to our collective power.

Don’t you think SIMI is only retaliating to whatever the VHP and the RSS have done to them in the past? How can we only blame them for all these incidents and glorify people like Modi?
I totally disapprove of their actions which lead to communal disharmony. But you can’t equate them with SIMI which bombs innocent people all over the country.

Don’t you think the Congress and its allies are responsible for terrorism in this country and only Narendra Modi can save the country from terror attacks?

Individuals can’t solve a problem alone. Only institutions led by strong leaders can.

What is the reason behind the recent blasts in Delhi?

A weak intelligence work coupled with equally weak terror laws are responsible for spurt in violence against innocent people.

Will this Congress government ever wake up to the need of an anti-terror law? If condemning with words was enough, why have an IPC?

I agree words of wisdom for sympathy are not the appropriate action against terrorist killing.

Why our great Hindutva leaders, Bal Thackeray, Uday, Raj and Narendra Modi, are not raising a sena of dedicated followers who will fight terror? Is raising the issue of Hindu sena merely a way for them to accumulate power and fool the common people?

They probably feel that is the only way they can protect their vote banks and create an effective deterrent against various armies of terrorists.

In a scenario wherein the terrorists can attack at any time and in any place in India, what is wrong if we encourage or at least overlook fake encounters?

Fake encounters are not an answer. But shoot those at sight who are indulging in terrorist attack could be a possibility if there is a national consensus on this course of action.

The bomb blasts in Delhi prove that our nation is helpless against terrorism as the terrorists can strike at will wherever they like. Please comment.

We are not helpless. We are just impotent and it appears as if the security of the people has been mortgaged to politics of lethal vote-banks.

Do you think Modi can be the PM one day?

If his party wins a majority, he may be a front-runner in 2014.

Do you think Barack Obama is good for India, considering his anti-globalisation stance?

Let us wait for him to take over. Don’t forget, every American is American first and will do whatever is in the best interests of his or her country.

Multinationals, like Walmart and Tesco, are entering India in a big way. Shouldn’t the government improve the PDS shops so that they can compete with these biggies?

How can you compare the two? Walmart and Tesco are multinationals and PDS shops are run on the basis of quotas given by the government.

Our communist brothers learn that China is not a friend of India, provides nuclear weapons to Pakistan and is trying to spoil our relations with our neighbours. It may even launch a proxy war against India through these countries. Shouldn’t India take a

I am sure, the Government of India is aware of the Chinese intentions, and the policy planning unit of the Ministry of External Affairs has been involved in making advance plans to deal with the future Chinese threats.

Don’t you think Muslims should be given a good package in terms of education and employment for their upliftment?

Various packages for educational and economic upliftment of the minorities are in place in various states.

Isn't the Tata's project at Singur being targeted for political gains?
Is there any doubt? Mamata Banerjee is a politician by profession.
How do you rate the performance of India's young MPs? Who's the most effective?
Young MPs have not been able to show their full potential in Parliament because their leaders did not give them enough time to speak on behalf of their parties.
Aren't the recent Bihar floods getting so much coverage in the media due to the BJP chief minister in the state?
Nitish Kumar has not joined the BJP so far and I don't think he will ever do that. He belongs to the Janata Dal (U).
Why don't you publish a special edition of Ask Prabhu in India Today?
Thank you very much for your suggestion.
Are politicians responsible for the recent Bihar floods?
Partially, yes.
Why don't the people from UP and Bihar learn Marathi and imbibe Marathi culture in order to survive in Mumbai or Maharashtra?
Most of the people from Bihar and UP staying in Mumbai speak better Marathi than the locals.
Kudos for writing an excellent cover story on Kashmir without visiting the place. If you had visited the place, you would have seen how the BJP workers harassed pilgrims on highways and stopped them from proceeding on the Amarnath yatra.
I don't think you have read the magazine.
The CPM has accomplished its mission by making West Bengal a loser among all states in India. Will the people of the state vote for it again?
Let us wait for the final verdict in March 2009 when they vote for electing the MPs.
When the Maoists have already claimed the responsibility of Swami's murder, why are you people fuelling communal violence by posting a news story—'Swami Laxmananand feared for his life'?
Media stories are based on the information given by various sources including the police and people connected with various social organizations.
Aren't the actions of the RSS, the Bajrang Dal and the VHP a threat to the integrity of India?
Yes, actions of any organization, which leads to the death of innocent people and disturb communal harmony, are serious threat to the country.
What punishment should be given to a prime minister who lies in the Parliament and to his people on an international agreement like the nuclear deal?
If you are convinced about the allegation, you and your friends and family have the option of voting against the party to which he belongs.
Aadvaniji ke 'role model' ka definition kya hai?
Yatra for every cause which he feels affects the nation.
How is India preparing to continue its leadership status as the "back office" of the world?
By achieving an annual GDP growth of over 8 per cent—highest in the world—and signing the Indo-US Civil Nuclear Energy Deal.
What impact will Chiranjeevi's party, Praja Rajyam, have on the politics of Andhra Pradesh?
It will only encourage a fractured verdict with none of the parties getting a clear majority.
I want to lodge a complain with you.
Email me at
Isn't the BJP one of the villains of the Amarnath row? They were stopping pilgrims on the Punjab-Jammu highway and not allowing them to proceed on the holy yatra.
The BJP is equally responsible for the mess in the state

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Vaibhav said...

There was a suicide case of Rahul Pathak - a fellow Student of MANIT - Bhopal on 16th Nov'08. The Students has sent a letter for the case to the MHRD Delhi. Here is the letter

The Secretary
Higher Education MHRD
Govt of India
Delhi 110001

Date: - 16th November’2008

Subject: Justice for Rahul Pathak who committed suicide because of harassment by college administration

Respected Sir,

On the eve of sad demise of our dear friend Rahul Pathak on 15th November’2008, we the students of MANIT would like to put forward the reasons which provoked him to commit suicide.

We would like to highlight certain incidents which occurred during last month with Rahul Pathak:-
1. He was under continuous surveillance of the Proctorial Committee.
2. Initially he and two other students from mechanical engineering were barred from appearing in the end semester exams because of their involvement in ragging.
3. These students went to the respective HOD’s and the Director, where they got verbal assurance from the Director for writing exam. Former Dean Students Affairs (Dean S.A.), Sushil K. Mittal Sir gave them a written NOC to appear in the exams, which is now with the police.
4. They also got NOC from 1st years to write the exams.
5. Former Dean S.A. and Proctorial Committee had imposing proctor and fine on the students, and the case was closed.
6. The new and present Dean S.A. and Proctorial Committee reopened the case, even when the final decision over this was made and it was closed.
7. The students concerned were barred from writing the examination and even though they pleaded their case and even begged for forgiveness, the director and the administrators still did not see it fit to forgive them. Instead they tortured and harassed them and even went to the extent of physically abusing them in a drunk state. Rahul after coming from the office was feeling very much insulted and cried before his friends for around two hours helplessly.
8. His parents were called up and abused by the Director in front of him.
9. The other two mechanical students were giving their exams without any problems but Rahul was forced to sign an undertaking stating that.if the Director found him guilty, he would be expelled from the college.
10. After 2 exams were over, his parents were asked to come immediately from Nagaland to Bhopal, failing which he wouldn’t be allowed to give further exams. Such was the behavior of the HOD, Bioinformatics.
11. The students from mechanical department were allowed to appear for the exams but HOD, BioInformatics didn’t allow Rahul Pathak to appear for the exam. \
12. Such a contradictory step on the part of the authority distressed him.
13. This was the final draw of the straw which depressed the victim completely and is the main reason for what has happened today.

When the students of MANIT protested peacefully at the main gate of the college against this inhumane behavior meted out to Rahul Pathak, the repercussion was as follows:-

• Police LATHI CHARGE on a peaceful gathering of students, this LATHI CHARGE took place on the orders of the DIRECTOR Dr. K S Pandey and the police later denied these allegations and issued false statements which said students were pelting stones on them.
• Dozens of students got severe head injuries and were rushed to the hospital.
• All the 3000 students were vacated from the hostels within 12 hours of the LATHI CHARGE with the help of POLICE FORCE.
• POLICE has since then been patrolling the entire campus with 10 jeeps and 4 VAJRA (riot control vehicle).
• A few of our students were locked up in police station and booked against false charges.
• The DIRECTOR has filed FIRs against students.

The step which Rahul Pathak took was an extreme one.
This is not the first time that a student has been exposed to such devious methods this would probably not be the last time that someone is forced to take such a course of action if no action is taken against the people who have done this.

This is not the only case when students have been traumatized. This has been done to students at various points of time. Few other incidents are:-

1. In 1st year, a boy who was drinking water in hostel at 12:30 am was slapped by the director.
REASON: - Is this the time to drink water..??

2. After students were returning from meeting from a student’s society, students were forced to run bare feet at night and forced to frog jump.

3. Provoke students to take violent action by abusing students and there family.

4. On complaining about the medical facility of the college, the director said “sick people are not allowed in this college.”

5. A student was beaten by the director in the hostel for wearing T-Shirt in the campus.

6. A mechanical 2nd year student was beaten with shoes by the director for absolutely no reason.

7. Rahul Pathak was called as a psychic patient by the director.

8. According to the rules and regulations, police are not allowed inside any NIT campus. In spite of this, police came inside due to, chased the students and imposed LATHICHARGE after putting off all the streetlights and after all the media left leaving several students wounded. Only army people are allowed to enter inside the campus.

**Director, to rescue himself, is blaming that the student who committed suicide was provoked by his room-mates and other friends.

Our demands at this stage:-
1. We want our innocent friends locked up in police station to be released as soon as possible.

2. We want appropriate actions to be taken against the culprits behind the provoked suicide of our dear friend Rahul Pathak.
3. We want our college to be resumed as soon as possible and our exams to be held on time.
4. We want the resignation of the following people who are responsible for all this:-
• Dr. K.S. Pandey, Director MANIT
• Dr. Arun Shandilya, Dean S.A.
• Dr. M.K. Gupta, Dean Acedamics
• Mr. M.S. Chauhan, Proctorial Committee
• Dr. Saroj Rangnekar, Dean Administration
• Dr. Madhvi Shakya, HOD Bioinformatics

Thanking you.
Students, MANIT


• Petition signed by all students in 14 pages.

Could you please help these people???