Thursday, August 14, 2008


Who is ruling the country—Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi or the U.S.?
The people of India.

Will the Congress return in power with Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister after the general elections?
Too early to predict an election. The UPA has not declared its Prime Ministerial candidate for 2009.
Is there any need to buy three 'Air Force Ones' in India?
Because there are two dignitaries who need it—the President and the Prime Minister. A third is kept on standby.
Will the two words Impotent India have any impact on the Home Minister?
I think it did. It was only after our cover that he started moving around, talking to all political parties for resolving the issue.
What should we do to change the vote-bank politics, mother of all evils?
Vote against those who indulge in it.
Why do roads everywhere in India have so many potholes?
Because the roads are dug out by a powerful nexus of politicians and engineers who siphon money out from the material used in road construction.
Why are criminals/terrorists allowed to cover their face when police arrest them?
The Indian Penal Code prohibits the police from showing the faces of criminals before they are identified in the presence of a judicial authority.
Was Kalyan Singh's removal from the BJP after 1999 elections the reason behind the BJP's poor performance in UP?
That is history. But why did the BJP suffer its worst defeat in the last assembly election when Kalyan Singh himself was the chairman of the campaign committee?
Did Governor N.N.Vohra take members of the Shrine Board into confidence before writing to the Chief Minister in June that the Board no longer needed the allotted land? On what basis he took a decision on such a sensitive issue?
I don't know on what basis Vohra came to that conclusion.
Is Mukesh Ambani supporting Mayawati to be the prime minister?
How do you know? Please let me know and I will investigate for you.
I don't think we have the political will to solve the Kashmir issue.
I agree with you. There is no political will to resolve this issue. It is the fear of losing votes that has led to the killing and suffering of ordinary people.
Manmohan Singh said on July 22 that when Gujarat was burning the then Home Minister Advani was sleeping. Now, when Jammu is burning, isn't his Home Minister also caught napping?
Both the Prime Minister and the Home Minister failed to anticipate the gravity of the situation when Governor N.N. Vohra reversed the allotment of land to the shrine board.
Should Jammuites also pick up guns to be taken seriously by the government?
Guns are louder, but their impact doesn't last longer. Every problem should be resolved through dialogue and peaceful protest.
The PDP leadership openly supported the march to PoK along with the separatists and trucks full of fruits in protest against the agitation in Jammu. What does it show?
It shows their intention to retain base in the Valley.
Will Abhinav Bindra's feat encourage budding sportspersons to take up sports other than cricket?
Yes. Bindra is now India's pride. And in return, India has become magnanimous in giving him huge cash awards, which should be an inspiration for budding sportspeople who have seen big money only in cricket.
Will Abhinav Bindra's gold spur the Government to come up with better infrastructure for sports, other than cricket?
To be fair to the Government, it has been doing a lot for other sports during the past few years.


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